A Guide To Real Christmas Trees: Which To Buy & How To Look After Them

A Guide To Real Christmas Trees: Which To Buy & How To Look After Them

Posted on 21 November, 2018

All Pot Grown & Fresh Cut Premium Graded Christmas Trees Available Now

Nothing says Christmas quite like a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, twinkling with lights and tinsel, taking pride of place in your home. The choice of many, real Christmas trees make for stunning festive displays with their traditional appearance and gorgeous Christmas scent. Our British grown Christmas trees are in store now, each with a premium cut and quality finish. From the popular Nordmann Fir to the distinctive Blue Spruce, there's something to suit all needs and tastes - however, with so many varieties out there, it can be hard knowing which to pick. Not to worry: we've got you covered, with our guide to our wonderful Christmas Trees - and some care tips to ensure they last well into the New Year.

Fraser Fir 

An increasingly popular option, the Fraser Fir makes for a great, family friendly Christmas tree thanks to its soft needles, which are also known for their low-drop quality – meaning this is a tree which will last that little bit longer.  

Originating in North America, the Fraser Fir boasts a lovely triangular shape with upward turned branches, a festive Balsam fragrance, and a beautiful green tone. 

Lodgepole Pine 

Thanks to its impressive size, the Lodgepole Pine is best placed in larger rooms with high ceilings to show it off to its full potential. Its sturdy, upward turned branches hold long green needles, with a bright colour and fuller appearance. The Lodgepole Pine is a fantastic, long lasting tree thanks to its ability to retain its needles throughout the festive period.

Nordmann Fir

A popular choice for a number of reasons, the Nordmann Fir is one of the most commonly displayed Christmas trees in the UK, with strong branches able to hold plenty of decorations. Its ability to retain its needles for longer than the Norway Spruce (another Christmas favourite), as well as its classic shape and soft needles (which make it great for those with kids) mean it’s a reliable option with a lovely appearance.

Blue Spruce 

Looking for a slightly different Christmas tree this year? Why not opt for a stunning Blue Spruce! With a gorgeous blue tint to its needles, it's a unique choice which is sure to make an impact. These needles are a little sharper, so be careful with young children, while the tree gives off a lovely festive scent. The Blue Spruce retains its needles well - which means there is less cleaning up to be done, too! 

Serbian Spruce (Picea Omorika)

A slimmer tree which fits well in smaller rooms, the Serbian Spruce (also known as Picea omorika) is a medium sized Christmas tree which boasts soft, flat needles with a silver-blue underside. While stunning in appearance, these do drop relatively easily. Less well known than other trees on the market in Britain, the Serbian Spruce has plenty to offer in terms of appearance and practicality, with well spaced branches which hold decorations beautifully. 

Norway Spruce  

A well-loved Christmas tree in Britain and the country's most traditional, thanks to its classic green colour and pyramid shape, the Norway Spruce is a very popular option and makes for a beautiful display once decorated with your favourite Christmas baubles. With that lovely Christmas scent, the Norway Spruce does tend to drop its needles relatively quickly – so keep the hoover on hand.  

Pot Grown or Fresh Premium Cut? 

Once you've settled on which variety of Christmas tree to go for, it's time to decide whether to get a pot-grown or freshly cut Christmas tree. As with everything, both options have their pros and cons.  

Cut Christmas trees easily claim the title for ease of use: they're already a good size, and will just need prepping, displaying and decorating to their full potential. For anyone looking for a visually attractive tree ready to be enjoyed, opting for a cut Christmas tree could be the best choice. Our British grown cut Christmas trees will last throughout the Christmas season, right up until the Twelfth Day of Christmas (and possibly even longer!). 

Pot grown Christmas trees are a long-term investment rather than offering immediate payoff. While still boasting a lovely festive appearance, they do tend to be a little smaller when first bought and take some time to reach their full size. However, they retain their needles much better than cut Christmas trees and offer the bonus of year on year use, making them a long-term money saver.  

Pot grown Christmas trees will do well inside for around one month, after which they can be moved outside and either kept potted or planted in well drained soil, to be used again next year. 

Christmas Tree Care Tips

To keep your Christmas tree looking fresh throughout the festive season, here are a few simple care tips to follow.

  • To avoid drying, keep your Christmas tree in a cooler area, away from heat sources such as radiators, direct sunlight and fires (the latter is particularly important to avoid risk of fire).
  • If you're opting to add fairy lights to your Christmas tree, be sure to turn these off before you leave the room.
  • Ensure trees have constant access to water, as they do need to stay well hydrated once indoors.

Premium Fresh Cut Trees:

  • Make sure your Christmas tree stand is the right size, as whittling the tree down to fit in a smaller container will inhibit its ability to absorb water. We sell a great range of Christmas tree stands in the Garden Centre, for a variety of different sized Christmas trees.
  • Before placing your cut Christmas tree in its stand, remove a one-inch thick disk from the bottom of the trunk: this will help to improve the tree's water uptake.
  • Once home, place your Christmas tree in water as soon as possible - Christmas trees don't like being out of water for too long.

Pot Grown Christmas Trees:

  • Once you have bought your pot grown Christmas tree, keep it outside until it is ready to be decorated.
  • While pot grown Christmas trees do need to be kept well watered, they will also need to be well drained: placing your pot grown Christmas tree on a saucer is advisable.
  • Decorating with fairy lights? Opt for those with smaller bulbs, to ensure minimal leaf damage.
  • After the festivities of Christmas are over, it's time to move your pot grown Christmas tree outside for the year: re-potting into a larger pot is a good way to aid growth.

Inspired to go for a real Christmas tree this year? Why not pop in to the Garden Centre, take a look at our wide selection, and don't hesitate to ask our Beetham Nurseries garden experts for help in choosing the best tree for you. 

Prefer to go for something a little more low maintenance? We also have a great range of artificial Christmas trees in store.