Cacti & Succulents, 'A Prickly Paradise'

Posted on 27 July, 2017

It's almost August and it's looking like the sun has taken an unexpected early holiday. As we desperately search for it amongst the abundance of liquid sunshine, our attention turns indoors to our prickly paradise.

Nestled in the centre of our houseplant section, this large display of cacti and succulents (available in a variety of different shapes and sizes) is looking incredible!

Cacti and succulents can make the perfect houseplants but are often overlooked due to their spiky exteriors. If you happen to have a busy lifestyle or a tendency to neglect your plants, then this is the ideal plant for you. They are extremely forgiving, require less water, and will survive neglect; however if nurtured they will happily reward (some with flowers) as they thrive. They're also highly recommended for pet owners because whilst they're not entirely low in toxicity, it's not long before their protective spines quickly teach that they can't be eaten!

We recommend popping by, choosing your cacti and picking up a copy of, 'The little book of Cacti and other succulents'; a fantastic book that has everything you could ever wish to know about these fascinating plants.

'The perfect plant pets, cacti and succulents are easy to care for and resilient to even the laziest of gardeners. With the right information, growing these plants is virtually foolproof. This must-have practical guide will help your indoor plants grow and thrive.'

  • A directory of 60 popular varieties of cacti and other succulents
  • Fun photography throughout shows the unique character of every plant
  • Expert advice on general care for each plant plus tips on propagation and pruning

'I believe that after purchasing your first prickly friend, the decision to start a collection of cacti and succulents is almost taken out of your hands. An addiction to these plants seems to take hold.' 

'The little book of CACTI and other succulents' by Emma Sibley.
Available now from the Gift Shop, £8.99.