Family Friendly Gardening: 5 Ways To Get Children Involved In The Garden

Family Friendly Gardening: 5 Ways To Get Children Involved In The Garden

Posted on 30 May, 2018

In celebration of National Children's Gardening week (as well as the imminent arrival of the Summer Holidays!), we're taking a look at a few ways to get children involved in the garden. Here at Beetham Nurseries, we know that gardening is both fun and rewarding, making for the perfect way to entertain the youngest of horticulturalists. Not to mention, it’s a brilliant fair weather activity (provided the rain holds off!). Cultivate your little ones’ green fingers with our handy list of ways to get them involved in the garden.

1. Start with the right kit

A good set of tools is a must for any gardener, and kids are no exception: our range of Budding Gardeners children's tools from Moulton Mill are the perfect addition to any kit. From hand trowels to digging spades, they’re specially crafted for smaller hands for ease of use. There are also plenty of kids' seeds and accessories to choose from in the Garden Centre.

2. Create a butterfly garden

Welcoming a host of colourful, winged creatures into your garden is a sure fire way to get children keen to help out; being able to see the fruits of their efforts fluttering around is both rewarding and fascinating. Creating a butterfly garden is a fun activity which can be enjoyed by all ages, and with butterfly season taking place between March - October, there’s plenty of time to encourage them to visit your garden. Snapdragons, marigolds, dahlias and lavender are just a few of the plants to go for.

3. Focus On Fast Growing Plants

Patience may be a virtue, but sometimes speedy results are what count: in that case, there are plenty of fast growing plants to choose from in order to ensure instant impact (and maintained interest!). Cosmos, sunflowers and nasturtiums grow quickly and look beautiful, their bright colours making a stunning impression.

Tip: We have a great range of kids’ seeds in store as well as a wide variety of plants in our outdoor plant area. Pop in, have a browse, and get inspired in our growing nursery.

4. Grow Your Greens

Is there anything better than watching something you’ve planted and nurtured grow into a healthy, ripe vegetable ready to be plucked and made into something delicious? This one’s a bit of a double whammy: children will not only be able to see, and taste, the fruits of their efforts - but they’ll also be much happier to eat their greens.

5. Cultivate A Herb Garden

Growing a herb garden is something which can be enjoyed throughout the year and produces interesting smells, tastes and sights. Whether you choose to begin your herb garden from scratch, or start off with ready-grown herbs if time is of the essence, it’s a fun and educational way to get kids into the garden. Children can be involved in the entire process, from sowing the seeds and creating labels on ice cream sticks, to watering the herbs and watching them grow. They’ll also be able to sample the results - herbs are great on DIY pizzas.