Five Ways To Be More Eco Friendly

Five Ways To Be More Eco Friendly

Posted on 2 May, 2019

Taking care of the world around us is incredibly important – and there are so many ways we can lend a helping hand. Making small changes can lead to a big impact, so here are our five easy ways to be more eco-friendly.

1. Opt For Reusable Food Covers

Cling film may be pretty handy when it comes to storing food, but it’s also not great for the environment. Enter our range of eco-friendly alternatives! Choose from cotton dish covers and beeswax food wraps to keep food fresh for longer, without harming the environment; find them in our Home & Lifestyle Space, and in our Gift Shop.

Hailing from Australia, Apiary Made is a brand with sustainability at its core. Their beautifully designed beeswax food wraps are made from organic cotton and beeswax; they are also washable and reusable, lasting for up to twelve months when used a few times a week.

Spaza's 100% cotton dish covers are another eco-friendly alternative to cling film and tin foil, great for keeping food fresh and protected. Breathable and long lasting, Spaza’s eco friendly food covers are made by women working in home industries in South Africa. They’re also adorned with colourful patterns, meaning they’ll brighten up your kitchen and lunch box!

2. Use Reusable Drinks Cups

Whether you’re making a hot cup of tea to take into the garden, or heading to our Garden Cafe for a takeaway cappuccino, reusable cups are an eco-friendly staple. They’re kind to the environment and a great alternative to takeaway coffee cups – which often aren’t recyclable.

When it comes to grabbing a coffee to go, KeepCup creates barista standard reusable cups which are available in a range of sizes and look great as well as being eco friendly. Little Torch Ceramics is a Manchester based brand run by Matt Cronshaw, a ceramicist who is originally from Carnforth. Matt hand makes beautiful takeaway coffee cups which make for something a little different. Both keep Cup and Little Torch Ceramics are available at Beetham Nurseries. 

Klean Kanteen is a family owned company which was founded with the aim of creating a non-toxic solution to single-use plastic water bottles. The result was a range of stainless steel, BPA free water bottles which can be used time and time again. We also stock their insulated flasks, which are great for keeping hot drinks hot, and cool drinks cool!

3. Grow Your Own (And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint)

We’re big advocates of growing your own here at Beetham Nurseries, and it’s really easy to do with just a little time and effort. Potatoes, onions, garlic, apples, berries, salad greens…there is so much you can grow yourself, and a large amount of outdoor space isn’t always a requirement. Herbs can easily be grown in pots on the windowsill, while salad leaves can also be planted up in containers. Whatever you're choosing to grow, we're always on hand to offer tips and advice - just ask a member of staff and they'll be happy to help.

4. Use Less Plastic In The Garden

There are plenty of ways to use less plastic in the garden. Plastic pots can be reused, as can compost bags; plastic labels can be ditched in favour of wood or metal options; and cable ties can be replaced with non-plastic alternatives such as twine.

We have also started using taupe pots in the Growing Nursery, as part of a new initiative led by HTA (Horticultural Trades Association) to make recyclable plant pots the industry norm. While black plastic pots have been the norm for a number of years now, they are unable to be recycled through kerbside collections as many recycling centres can't recognise the carbon-black pigment they contain. From now on, all our Beetham grown plants will be potted up in taupe pots, which can then be recycled at your local recycling centre. 

If you notice any black pots in our Growing Nursery, this is simply because we are working through our existing stock of black pots before moving on to the taupe pots. We are also working with a number of suppliers who have already moved on to using taupe pots, so you should be seeing a lot more of these here at Beetham Nurseries!

Please note: We are unable to accept pots to be recycled. Please know that we are working on this, however we are yet to find a viable way to make this a reality.

5. Shop Local

Reduce your carbon footprint and shop local wherever possible. We stock a small selection of locally picked fruit and veg in the Food Hall, alongside produce from a number of local suppliers; and work with plenty of local suppliers in the Gift Shop and Home & Lifestyle Space. Buy local and, as well as helping the environment, you’ll also be supporting our local artisans! When it comes to flowers and plants, there is plenty of opportunity to choose British grown. While sometimes, looking further afield is essential if we’re to get the plants we want, our Growing Nursery is full of herbaceous perennials grown right here at Beetham Nurseries. 

These are just a few small ways to be more eco-friendly; we are always working to be kind to the environment, and small changes are a great place to start.