Five Ways To Use Gourds To Decorate Your Home

Posted on 27 September, 2017

A Brief Introduction To Gourds

What is a gourd? 

With the appearance of a miniature squash or pumpkin, gourds come in a range of shapes, sizes and textures – from knobbly skinned to multicoloured. Belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family, gourds do have one thing in common: they're practically inedible, thanks to their hard shells and lack of meat inside. Instead, gourds are used as autumnal decorations and have become a popular choice around this time of year thanks to their seasonal appearance and the multitude of uses for them. 

When are gourds in season? 

Having been planted in April, gourds are ready to be harvested come autumn (before any frosts threaten damage). Our colourful collection of gourds has arrived at Beetham Nurseries and can be found in the gift shop, ready to be used as seasonal decorations in your home. 

5 Ways To Decorate With Gourds

Display Gourds in a Simple Tray or Crate

For a simple, yet effective, way to show of your gourds and create a colourful autumnal display, place a variety of shapes and sizes in rustic trays or crates. Sometimes less is more; this is one of those occasions, with the simplicity of the display allowing the gourds to really shine through.  

Place a Selection of Gourds on the Mantelpiece

Jazz up your mantelpiece and add a little seasonal charm by placing a few gourds along it. Using a variety of shapes and sizes will contribute to a relaxed feel; candles and potpourri make for good accompaniments to add interest to your autumnal display. 

Create a Striking Decoration by Placing an Array of Gourds in a Clear Glass Vase 

A very simple yet effective way to proudly display a collection of gourds is in a large, clear glass vase. Mix and match shapes, colours and sizes for the most striking effect; we have plenty of glass containers in store (along with a range of gourds), so pop in and pick up everything you need for this stylish display. 

Hollow Out Gourds to use as Unique and Quirky Vases 

Looking for an alternative way to display freshly cut flowers? Why not pop them in a homemade gourd vase! Simply cut a hole in the top of your gourd, before scooping out the inside with a spoon or ice cream scoop and placing the flowers inside. The result is a handmade, unique and very autumnal flower display (alternatively, hollowed out gourds can also be used as quirky candle holders). If the gourd is large enough, a small jam jar filled with water can be placed inside to keep flowers fresh. 

Create a Unique Table Centrepiece 

Placing a few gourds in a dish or wooden bowl can make for an alternative centrepiece on a stunning autumn table. For added interest, gourds can be painted in a range of metallic colours and placed alongside golden brown leaves, a gourd vase you made earlier, and some fairy lights or candles.

Feeling inspired? Share your gourd-geous displays with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and let us know how you've decorated with gourds this year.