Grow Your Own: What To Plant In May

Grow Your Own: What To Plant In May

Posted on 9 May, 2019

The mercury's rising, frosts are few and far between, and grow your own season is well and truly upon us! Here at Beetham Nurseries, our shelves are filling up with vegetable plants and seeds, ready to be planted and nurtured for a successful crop later in the year. Whether you're opting for seeds or young plants, here's our guide to what veg to plant this May.

Vegetable Seeds

With the weather warming up, sub-zero temperatures are less likely (albeit still possible - keep an eye out for any late frosts this month!). This means we can sow some vegetable seeds straight into the ground, while others will need to be sown indoors or in the greenhouse to give them a strong start.

Outdoors, it’s time to sow seeds such as radish, spinach, spring onion, parsnip, beetroot, swiss chard and broccoli. 

Indoors, lettuce, kale, runner and french beans, and cucumber are just a few of the seeds which can be sown now. Courgette, marrow, squash and pumpkin seeds can also be started off under cover, ready to be planted out when the weather warms up.

Herb seeds can be sown into seed trays, or started off in the greenhouse or in a cold frame - they'll want to be kept away from frost while they're starting to grow.

Vegetable Plants

Vegetable plants are a good choice for a number of reasons, with many of us preferring them to vegetable seeds. Lower maintenance as they have already been started off, they’re also a good choice for anyone who wants to plant a particular vegetable but missed the opportunity to sow it from seed earlier in the year; and can also be used to top up failed crops.

Tomato plants are a popular choice in May, and can be planted out later in the month (or in June, if May proves too cold), once the threat of frost has passed (we have a good selection available in the Garden Centre). Lettuce, leeks, spinach, calabrese, cabbage and more can also be bought and planted now. The key is to avoid frost: plants should be hardened off for around a week before they go in the ground outdoors. Put them out during the day, and bring them in at night, to get them prepared for the elements.

Chilli peppers can be also be bought as plants and grown in pots - plant out in late May or in June, after the threat of frost has passed. 

Herb plants can be planted out in May but again, keep an eye out for any late frosts.

If you don’t have a garden or any outdoor space, don’t worry: there’s still plenty of opportunity to grow your own veg! The Suttons windowsill range features plants which can be grown on (you guessed it!) a windowsill in your home. They can be kept in the containers they’re supplied in, and the range includes plants such as chilis, jalapenos, peppers and cherry tomatoes - many of which are grown and supplied in peat free compost.

If you have any questions about growing your own, or need help choosing vegetables to plant this year, our friendly staff are always on hand to help.