Beautiful Ways To Display Houseplants

Posted on 22 March, 2018

Adding a little indoor greenery is a great way to brighten up the home and with so many beautiful houseplants available - from cacti to leafy spider plants, azaleas to succulents - there's sure to be something to suit all interior styles and colour schemes. Whether you're after a plant to purify the air, or simply hope to bring a taste of the outdoors inside, houseplants are the way to go. Once you've chosen your favourite, chances are you'll want to show it off to its fullest potential! Here at Beetham Nurseries, we have a wide range of beautiful pots, terrariums and other ways of displaying houseplants to turn your home into an indoor oasis of greenery.

Traditional Pots

Go classic and display plants in beautiful, quality pots which will allow your indoor greenery to take centre stage. We're especially potty for these lovely, handcrafted pots from Terrace & Garden adorned with the crest of The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. For smaller plants such as cacti and succulents, dinky little pots painted in calming pinks and greens are great for a simple, yet effective, display.

  • Left: Pink & White Pots (Also available in Green & White), £4.95
  • Right: Terrace & Garden Pots, available in a range of sizes, from £12.95

NKUKU Terracotta Planters

Make a statement with these striking terracotta planters. Nestled atop a zinc frame, the traditional terracotta pot both fits and complements a range of houseplants, while the hairpin-esque legs lend a slightly industrial feel. Minimalistic, yet sure to make an impact!

  • NKUKU Terracotta Planter, £34.95

Hanging Pots

For a classic display with a twist, place houseplants in hanging pots around the home for a beautifully on-trend effect. The Boston Fern, Spider Plant, English Ivy and Cacti work especially well as hanging houseplants, however there are plenty more to choose from. Remember to add a drip tray to your container to catch any excess water.

  • Left: Burgon & Ball Hanging Pot, available in a range of colours & styles, £7.99
  • Right: Glass Hanging Pot, £9.95

Glass Dome

For something a little different, why not display cacti and succulents in a stylish glass dome? While you will need to lift the dome every once in a while to allow the plants a little air and water, in general these low maintenance house plants can be left to their own devices - while the dome will protect against any sharp prickles!

  • NKUKU Glass Dome, £19.95


Modern, on-trend terrariums are perfect for cacti and succulents and come in a range of styles. Placed on shelves, or hung from ceilings and hooks, they help to turn indoor spaces into a house-plant haven!

  • Left: Wire Terrarium, £21
  • Right: NKUKU Hanging Glass Terrarium, £29.95

Do you love to decorate your home with houseplants? We have a wide variety in store now to help you turn your home into an indoor jungle.