Make Your Very Own Autumn Wreath

Posted on 20 September, 2017

How to Make Your Very Own Autumnal Wreath

Bring a touch of autumn styling into your home or garden this month by following our instructions to create your very own autumnal wreath.

1. Acer; 2. Sea Lavender / Statice; 3. Parrotia / Persicaria; 4. Calamagrostis brachytricha; 5. Acer; 6. Acorns from the Oak Tree; 7. Pennisetum 'Heavy Metal'; 8. Cyclamen; 9. Viburnum tinus; 10. Persicaria; 11. Photinia 'Red Robin'; 12. Pennisetum 'Karley Rose'; 13. Laurel; 14. Tillansia; 15. Persicaria

All of the above grasses and plants are available here at Beetham Nurseries. You can find acorns, pine cones and autumnal leaves when out walking.

Starting with a slightly damp oasis wreath, take the largest leaves to create the first layer. Place the biggest in the centre and the smaller ones towards the outside. For the contemporary look, leaves of the same type should be grouped together. You can choose any large leaves that you might find in the garden; here we've used Cyclamen, Laurel, Acer and Parrotia leaves.

Make sure that the leaves are placed off centre to each other. The last thing you want to do is make the wreath look too symmetrical because it will look unnatural.

Make loops with the leaves to give your wreath some dimension; do this by splitting the vein and pulling the stem back through. Make sure the sides of the oasis are covered at this point, ensuring that leaves are pushed well in to the oasis and that they're secure.

In the second layer use different materials next to each other to create a textural design. We started this layer by adding Viburnum berries. 

Don't be scared to pierce through the first layer of leaves to put the second in place, this will only create more depth and texture.

We added Tillansia but you could also use Finland moss or even Sphagnum moss from your garden to add another texture. We fixed this in place between the leaves by bending floristry wire into a U-bend to create hairpins. You can also use these pins to loop laurel leaves that you can pin onto the centre piece if you wish.

Next, add a little bit of height to give your wreath some structure and form. We added grasses, Pennisetum 'Karley Rose' and 'Heavy Metal', combined with Persicaria for an additional 'pop' of colour. Less is often more when you add height so be careful not to overdo it. We've added three groups of tall grasses and flowers.

We're almost done, we've added loops of grasses around the edge to alter the outer shape. To do this, take small bunches of grasses - inserting one end into the oasis and then pinning the other end in place with a hairpin or floristry wire.

Glue acorns and pine cones in nests over the leaves and to finish, you could add a fisherman's lantern or similar item that you may have to the centre. If you would prefer, you can place the wreath on a large candle plate with a church candle in the centre. 

If you would like to make this into a door wreath, then make sure you that you add a loop of ribbon to the oasis first. You can then add your decoration over the top. Make sure you don't add too much height with the grasses though or it will look silly and may become top heavy.

We sell all the plants, moss, lantern and floristry wire needed for you to create your very own wreath. 

We also now have a huge selection of gourds available to help you with your autumn styling.

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