May in the Growing Nursery

May in the Growing Nursery

Posted on 1 May, 2017

May in the Growing Nursery

It's difficult to believe that it's May already, time really seems to be motoring along. Everywhere we look on the nursery our perennials are growing apace and we can hardly keep up with all that there is to do, from weeding to watering, to potting, to getting our stock out for sale. Regular customers will probably have noticed that new additions arrive daily, and as the weather warms up, and the likelihood of frost recedes, some of the more tender plants will start to appear, such as Agapanthus and Echinacea. 

At the moment though, in early May, we are sticking with more resilient varieties like Erigeron - Sea of Blossom, a low growing perennial, ideal for hanging baskets and front borders. With pink/white daisy flowers, they look particularly good tumbling down steps or over the edges of beds. These need full sun or part shade, as well as good drainage. 

There are many good varieties of Nepeta or Catmint, all of which are much loved both by cats, bees and butterflies. Nepeta - Six Hills Gold is a variation on Six Hills Giant, with gold and green variegated leaves and lavender blue flowers in early summer. Once the flowers begin to fade, simply trim back the whole plant, give it a feed and another flush of flowers and fresh foliage will appear after a few weeks. 

The hardy geraniums or cranesbills are just beginning to think about flowering now - with a few flowers already emerging. These are very obliging plants, filling less than ideal and hard to plant spots. The 'Jolly Jewel' series of geraniums are very low growing at only 25cm, act as effective weed suppressors and create a flowering carpet from June to October. Plant in sun or part shade, and they live up to their name with flowers of cerise pink, salmon and red. 

So, there is plenty to see on the Growing Nursery, and as usual, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please ask. It's also very pleasant just to sit in the sun and take it all in, and you're very welcome to do that too.

Happy Gardening!

Alyson Woods, Nursery Manager