Morso Grill Forno II

Morso Grill Forno II £595

The Morso Grill Forno II has been upgraded to feature a larger opening to the fire pit which not only leaves more room for cooking but also provides an even better view of the flames, contributing to a greater ambience.

The cast-iron insert has been upgraded – function-wise as design-wise – which means that, now, it works as a charcoal/wood distributor with an integrated barbecue grid and increased oxygen intake that considerably improves combustion. Finally, the positioning of the beautiful wooden legs has been turned 180 degrees,  making it possible to get even closer to the front when the cool of evening creeps up on you – or when great ideas are to be thought up by the glow of the flames.

Dimensions: (D) 55cm × (H) 109cm

Constructed from double coated cast iron, the Forno will produce succulent steak, smoked salmon and homemade, crispy pizzas, for your guests to feast upon.

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