A Bit About Alpines

Alpines are some of the most charming plants you can grow, and they're currently enjoying renewed popularity. Alpines are plants that grow in Alpine regions, at elevation or on mountains. They have adapted to grow in higher, colder conditions and are often short in stature, slow growing and tenacious.

In recent years, alpine plants seem to have acquired a reputation for being difficult to grow, and only suitable for the specialist gardener. This is very far from the truth. Because they grow in harsh conditions and are used to growing on mountains, they make excellent rock plants and the vast amount of alpines require very little maintenance. If you're thinking of establishing a rockery then alpine plants are perfect.

They're a fairly diverse group of plants that will grow in a variety of areas but don't like to sit in water, so prefer free draining, gritty or sandy soil.

You can even grow alpines without a rock garden. With modern gardens becoming smaller, make the most of limited space by planting smaller alpines in a sink or trough, placed on a patio.

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