Pot Grown Christmas Trees

Pot Grown Christmas Trees

All of our trees are premium grade and of the highest quality. Pot grown trees are guaranteed to survive after Christmas. We have the traditional Norway Spruce, the Blue Spruce, and the non drop Nordmann Fir.

These Christmas trees have always been in pots and therefore their root-ball hasn't been disturbed; this guarantees survival after christmas if they're looked after properly. ;

Pot Grown Trees - Available now

Nordmann Fir

A popular choice for a number of reasons, the Nordmann Fir is one of the most commonly displayed Christmas trees in the UK, with strong branches able to hold plenty of decorations. Its ability to retain its needles for longer than the Norway Spruce (another Christmas favourite), as well as its classic shape and soft needles (which make it great for those with kids) mean it’s a reliable option with a lovely appearance.

  • Nordmann Fir Premium Pot Grown 080/100cm       £44.99
  • Nordmann Fir Premium Pot Grown 100/125cm       £49.99
  • Nordmann Fir Premium Pot Grown 125/150cm       £59.99

Norway Spruce

A well-loved Christmas tree in Britain and the country's most traditional, thanks to its classic green colour and pyramid shape, the Norway Spruce is a very popular option and makes for a beautiful display once decorated with your favourite Christmas baubles. With that lovely Christmas scent, the Norway Spruce does tend to drop its needles relatively quickly – so keep the hoover on hand.

  • Norway Spruce Premium Pot Grown 080/100cm    £34.99
  • Norway Spruce Premium Pot Grown 100/125cm    £39.99

Blue Spruce

Looking for a slightly different Christmas tree this year? Why not opt for a stunning Blue Spruce! With a gorgeous blue tint to its needles, it's a unique choice which is sure to make an impact. These needles are a little sharper, so be careful with young children, while the tree gives off a lovely festive scent. The Blue Spruce retains its needles well - which means there is less cleaning up to be done, too! 

  • Blue Spruce Premium Pot Grown 040/060cm         £19.99
  • Blue Spruce Premium Pot Grown 100/125cm         £49.99

Keeping trees away from heat sources like radiators, and watering them every day will ensure that they survive for as long as possible! 

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