Dark Red / Purple

A beautiful dark red / purple Althurium.

Likes partial shade.

Likes well drained soil conditions.

About Anthuriums

Anthuriums grow best with day temperatures of 78-90 Fahrenheit and night temperatures of 70-75 Fahrenheit. Temperatures in excess of 90 Fahrenheit can reduce flower life and cause fading; they will not tolerate frost or freezing conditions.

Anthuriums need to be thoroughly watered and allowed to dry slightly before the next watering. If the plant dries out then it will really slow down the cycle of growth. Tip burn and root damage can also result from lack of watering. If leaves go yellow, then it's likely that your plant is being over watered. Don't over water and if you must replant be sure to use aswell drained soil.

Do not place Anthuriums in direct sunlight; as a rule of thumb they will take as much light as they are provided with but they do not like direct sunlight. The more light you provide, the more they will grow and vice versa.

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