Peat Free

Peat Free

"Peat is formed over thousands of years by partly decomposed wetland plants which are compacted at a rate of 1mm per year. This means that the loss
of peat by mass harvesting for horticulture is irreversible over human timescales."

The prospect of gardening without peat may one day become a reality. In fact, it's predicted that peat based products will be withdrawn for amateur gardeners as early as the year 2020. Many growers and producers of plants are now using peat free compost as an alternative and are having excellent results. Now you can too! 

We would like to introduce you to Dalefoot Composts, a local company offering great alternatives for sustainable gardening.

Product Information

All of these products are Lake District farm-made and peat free.

Peat Free Ericaceous Wool Compost - 30 Litres

A 100% natural 'ready to use' wool compost that's especially mixed to provide the right p.h. for acid loving plants. This wool compost is made from sheep's wool and potash rich bracken from acidic areas of the lakeland fells. Use in the garden when planting your azaleas, rhododendrons or heathers, add around the plants as a top dressing mulch or used straight from the bag for potting up. Super for container grown azaleas, blueberries, pieris and other acid loving plants. No need for additional fertiliser or water retaining gels.

Available now at Beetham Nurseries in 30 litre bags - £9.99

Peat Free Lakeland Gold ('The Claybuster') Compost - 40 Litres

A 100% natural 'ready to use' bracken-based p.h. neutral compost with high levels of natural potash, which is important for fruiting and flowering. Use throughout the garden as a natural 'claybuster' or fertiliser. Lakeland Gold is made from a blend of herdwick sheep's wool for improved water retention and slow release nitrogen - useful top dressing, tonic and an excellent addition to the planting pit.

Encourages worms and enriches soil - a superb autumn mulch.

Available now at Beetham Nurseries in 40 litre bags - £9.99

Peat Free Wool Compost - 30 Litres

A 100% natural 'ready to use' potting compost that's made from bracken and sheep's wool with natural water retention and slow release nitrogen. Use to grow flowers, fruit, vegetables and trees. The idea for this compost came from the old gardening books that talked of wool's natural ability to hold water to itself, and provide long term nutrient release. Wool is still famously used to grow 'rhubarb' in Yorkshire.

Available now at Beetham Nurseries in 30 litre bags - £9.99

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