Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes

Many of our first and second early seed potato varieties are now available. Our full range (detailed below) for 2019 is now available.

All seed potatoes (except for maincrops) will benefit from ‘chitting’ prior to planting out. The chitting process encourages the seed to sprout which, when planted, helps them to establish more readily, leading to bigger crops. Simply place them, blunt end up, in an old egg box until the shoots are approximately 1½ to 2½cm (½ to 1in).
>> Read our guide to chitting seed potatoes here

Below is a chart of the varieties that we have in stock this year and a short description of each of them.

AbbottMain CropCompetition winning potato with outstanding uniformity, size and colour. Great disease resistance. Floury/waxy. Great for boiling, mashing, baking, chipping, roasting and salads.
AccordFirst EarlyA very popular white early bulking variety that produces large numbers of tubers at the root. Tubers are oval in shape with cream skin and flesh. Good resistance has been noted to common and powdery scab,
Arran PilotFirst EarlyAround since the 1930's, extremely popular due to an excellent taste and good early boiling ability. Waxy texture. Good resistance to slugs and scabbing. Ideal for boiling and chipping.
Blue BelleMain CropVery high resistance to potato virus Y and a real challenger to Kestrel. Soon this variety will become a potato to bank on for the enthusiastic grower. Produces a waxy texture that makes these great for boiling, mashing and baking.
BonnieSecond EarlyWell known for early production of bold, even-sized tubers making them an essential for any serious potato exhibitor. Bright skin finish with red splash around shallow eyes. Bonnie potatoes are superb for baking with a great taste. Good resistance to black dot, blackleg, common scab and PCN Ro1. Be aware that these are susceptible to powdery scab and PVY. Floury texture. Great for boiling, mashing and baking.
British QueenSecond EarlyBritish Queen potatoes are known in Ireland as 'Queens' they're a popular early heritage variety with white skin and flesh. Dry and floury texture, full of taste and particularly good when boiled. Excellent dry rot resistance. Dry and Mealy / Floury. Superb for boiling, baking and roasting.
CaesarMaincropHigh yielding, large oval tubers, cream/yellow flesh. Good resistance to powdery scab, potato leafroll virus and potato virus Yo. A waxy variety which makes it good for boiling and mashing.
CaraMaincropOne of the most popular maincrop varieties. They exhibit white skin and pink eyes and have excellent resistance to blight, drought, slugs, scab and disease. Floury texture. Great for boiling, chipping, baking and roasting.
CarlingfordSecond EarlyWhite skin and creamy coloured flesh. Waxy texture. Excellent salad type. Disease resistance is good for common scab, skin spot and potato virus Y resistance. Good for boiling, mashing and salads.
CarolusMaincropGood for allotment and organic gardeners thanks to its blight resistant quality, this variety produces uniform, oval tubers with red eyes. With a floury texture and yellow flesh, it works well when boiled, mashed or roasted. 
CasablancaFirst EarlyA white skinned first early variety with the potential to beat Winston on the showbench. A clean, smooth white with shallow eyes makes Casablanca an exhibitors delight. Floury texture. Great cooking ability making these great for boiling, mashing, baking, chipping and roasting. We have nothing but great reviews about the Casablanca seed potatoes.
CatrionaSecond EarlyTraditional flavour with showbench looks. Tuber skin is white with blue eyes. Flesh is cream/pale yellow. Oval in shape. Scab resistance is moderate. Good for boiling, mashing, baking and roasting.
CharlotteSecond EarlyA popular second early salad variety. First class taste and flavour, often found in supermarkets.
Colleen OrganicFirst EarlyGreat uniform shape and very high yielding making them ideal for boiling. Waxy flesh with medium dry matter, also particularly good for baking and for chips.
DesireeMaincropGood maincrop potato that produces oval red skinned tubers with pale yellow flesh. Medium dry matter, firm cooked texture, good boiling, fresh French fry & mashing quality. Desiree potatoes are a popular choice amongst many celebrity chefs, including Delia Smith & Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, due to their potential to make fantastic roast potatoes. Desiree is a heavy cropper and early bulking with high resistance to drought and good resistance to potato virus Y and powdery scab. Susceptible to potato cyst nematode and mis-shapes on heavy soils.  Moderately susceptible to spring & mild mosaic viruses. Great for mashing, boiling 
Duke Of YorkFirst EarlyAn old heritage potato that's famous for it's great taste. Oval with yellow flesh, dry and mealy and great resistance to dry rot. Ideal for boiling (straight from the garden), baking, chipping and salads.
EpicureFirst EarlyHigh yielding first early potato, also known as 'Ayrshires' as they are the traditional first early crop in that area. An old heritage variety with a floury/waxy texture, good slug resistance and a great ability to recover quickly from a frost. Making a come back due to their great taste. Used for boiling, mashing and salads.
ForemostFirst EarlyForemost were originally known as 'Suttons Foremost,' an old heritage potato that was introduced in the 1950's and soon took off with gardeners due to their excellent flavour and resistance to disintegration when boiling. Unfortunately they never really took off commercially due to their average sized yields. Short to oval in shape with white skin and waxy flesh. Good common scab resistance. Floury eating texture, great for boiling, baking and salads.
GemsonSecond EarlyWith 'Maris Peer' in its parentage, this potato has outstanding flavour. Producing high yields of small, round-oval tubers, Potato 'Gemson' performed particularly well in our trials, growing equally as well in patio bags as it did in the ground. Boasting smooth white skin and firm cream flesh, this second early potato is delicious steamed or boiled and eaten as a new potato or served with salads, either hot or cold. This exceptional new variety shows good resistance to powdery scab and blackleg. Height and spread: 60cm (24").
Golden WonderMaincropLong oval shaped tubers are produced with a russet skin, white and floury flesh which can be really dry and mealy when boiled. A late maincrop that should be planted as early as possible for a high yield. Good slug and scab resistance. Great for baking and chipping.
HarmonyMaincropA fantastic baking potato that produce large crops of clean, white skinned tubers with shallow eyes and smooth skin. Floury texture with a good scab resistance, great for boiling, mashing and baking.
Home GuardFirst EarlyIntroduced in the 1940's, this heritage potato was the main variety during the second world war and became commercially viable due to its high yield capabilities and excellent taste. White skins and flesh with shallow eyes and short oval tubers. Floury eating texture with high resistance to all forms of scab and spraing. Great for boiling, baking, chipping and roasting.
International KidneyFirst EarlyThese fantastic potatoes are more commonly known as Jersey Royals but can only be given this name when they are grown in the magical soils of Jersey which give them their unique taste. Introduced as early as 1879 and so have become a heritage potato that has stood the test of time. Good scab resistant kidney shaped tubers with shallow eyes, white flesh and skin. Floury/waxy texture, great for boiling and salads.
KestrelSecond EarlyWithout doubt one of the best tasting potatoes available with excellent cooking uses and disease/scab resistance. This variety was bred by the great man himself, Jack Dunnet and has taken the exhibition scene by storm due to its consistent size and colour. If you're in doubt about what to grow, then this is a great 'fail safe' choice. Floury/waxy eating texture, great for boiling, mashing, chipping, roasting and baking.
King EdwardMaincropKing Edward seed potatoes are well known (perhaps the most famous) and have been around for over a century. Often copied but never beaten, these superb potatoes are a great maincrop and lend themselves well to all aspects of cooking. Floury eating texture with a good scab resistance. Great for boiling, mashing, baking, chipping and roasting.
KingsmanMaincropA new variety, the 'Kingsman' potato is great for gardeners thanks to its good disease resistance. The large, oval tubers offer a light-yellow flesh with a floury texture – perfect when made into chips. 
Kerr's PinkMain CropPopular in Scotland and Ireland - a pink skinned potato that produce a short and oval tuber with slightly deep eyes. Good blight resistance, floury texture making them ideal for boiling, mashing, chipping and roasting.
 Lady ChristlFirst EarlyA very good first early that produces a medium oval tuber with a good sized yield. Yellow skinned with great tasting creamy/waxy texture. Excellent scab resistance and great resistance to Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN). Great for boiling, chipping and salads.
LibertieSecond EarlyHigh yielding variety producing, uniform, bright, bold tubers. Boiled or Baked, good cooking qualities. Good Blight and Scab tolerance.
MajesticMaincropMajestic potatoes are a heavy cropping variety that produces medium to large oval potatoes with creamy white soft waxy flesh. The most widely grown potato in the UK, they can thrive in any soil.
MarfonaSecond EarlyA high yielding variety that consistently produces waxy textured potatoes with light yellow skins and cream coloured flesh. Perfect for baking, chipping and boiling.
Maris BardFirst EarlyFor many years this variety was the leading 'first early' for maturing the fastest. Oval shape, white skinned with shallow eyes. Good common scab resistance and especially suited to salads and boiling. Great straight from the garden, simply dig, wash, boil and serve. Waxy eating texture good for boiling, baking and salads.
Maris PeerSecond EarlyOval shaped with white skins and a firm, creamy coloured flesh. Good scab and slug resistance, well suited to boiling, mashing, baking and salads.
Maris PiperMaincropMaris Pipers are the undisputed number one potato for all chip shops nationwide. High yields and the ability to store for long periods of time make these a really viable commercial variety, combined with their fantastic taste, floury texture and ability to use in boiling, mashing, chipping, roasting and baking. A great choice for a maincrop.
MarkiesMaincropA relatively new variety of potato with a high yield and good disease resistance. Works best when fried (it is a popular chipping potato), however this is a great all-rounder which can also be baked, roasted or boiled. 
MaxineMaincropThis variety produces a smooth red skin with a firm and waxy flesh, good for boiling, chipping, baking and roasting. As well as exhibiting a good resistance to drought, the 'Maxine' potato also shows resistance to powdery scab and bruising. 
MozartMaincropA smooth, red skinned potato with a waxy yellow flesh.  Their pest resistant quality makes them a popular choice where slugs are a problem. A good all-rounder in the kitchen, this variety works especially well when roasted, mashed or made into chips.
NadineSecond EarlyRound in shape with a cream coloured flesh, this great variety was introduced in 1987 by Jack Dunnet himself. High yielding and very popular at supermarkets. Good scab and slug resistance, waxy texture and great for boiling, mashing, baking and roasting.
NicolaSecond EarlyThis variety produce a long oval tuber with yellow skins and waxy, light, yellow flesh. Good scab resistance, waxy texture, perfect for boiling, mashing and using in salads.
Disease-wise, Nicola seed potatoes are resistant to potato cyst nematode (PCN), common scab, potato leaf roll virus, potato virus Y and bruising.
OrlaMaincropA great choice for the organic gardener due to their high blight resistance. One of the best tasting potato varieties available producing large crops of bold, white potatoes that can be a great first early or left for a maincrop. Good blight and scab resistance with a floury eating texture. Great for boiling, mashing, chipping, roasting and baking.
Pentland CrownMaincropCrown was the first Pentland variety from Pentlandfield Station, Edinburgh to have an impact. It replaced Majestic as the most common variety in the UK. Robust, drought resistant, disease resistant and very productive. It produces long stolons to fill adjacent gaps in the row. It was the first variety to be banned from a supermarket chain for lack of flavour. Nowadays seed is only grown for gardeners.
Pentland DellSecond EarlyPentland Dell seed potatoes were the second variety to be produced from the Pentlandfield station. Pentland Dell produces large oval-shaped tubers with white skins and creamy coloured flesh. Pentland Dell is grown on a large scale for processors who find it a most useful potato, helped in no small part due to it's good resistance to all diseases, scabs and slugs. Floury eating texture, that's good for baking, chipping and roasting.
Pentland JavelinFirst EarlyPentland Javelin arrived in 1968 and was bred by a young Jack Dunnet. One of the finest first earlies you can grow. Produces heavy crops of short oval white skinned tubers with pure white tasty flesh. Good all-round disease resistance, resistance to common scab, slugs and blackleg. Waxy eating texture, great for boiling, eating and salads.
PicassoMain CropRound-to-oval in shape, with smooth white skins and pink eyes. High disease resistance makes these a popular allotment choice. High yielder and great for storing making these an excellent choice. Good blight and scab resistance. Floury/waxy eating texture, boiling, baking, chipping and roasting.
Pink Fir AppleMaincropA heritage potato that's long and knobbly in shape. Best eaten with their skins on or served as a chunky chip. The beauty of these potatoes is that they retain the 'new potato taste' even well after storage. Waxy eating texture, great for boiling, baking, chipping and salads.
Pink GypsyMaincropA delicate pink and white skin - perfect for mashing and roasting.
PremiereFirst EarlyHigh yielding first early variety that has a super resistance common scab, powdery scab, spraing and potato cyst nematode (PCN). Premiere tubers are yellow skinned and the flesh is also yellow and very tasty. Waxy eating texture, great for boiling, baking, chipping, roasting and in salads.
RecordMaincropThis variety produces tubers that are popular for making chips and crisps due to their high dry matter (great for frying). They can be very dry and mealy after boiling and retain their yellow coloured flesh. Record potatoes have good blight and scab resistance. Dry and mealy taste, great for boiling, baking, chipping and roasting.
Red Duke of YorkFirst EarlyAn early heritage variety dating back to 1942, produces red skinned tubers with shallow eyes and yellow flesh. The first Red Duke was said to be found in amongst a crop of white dukes in Holland. Dry, mealy potato packed with flavour and do not disintegrate on boiling. One of the finest varieties available. Dry and mealy, great for boiling, baking, chipping and roasting.
RocketFirst EarlyProduces large crops of uniformed tubers that are white fleshed and skinned with shallow eyes and a mild taste. Good resistance to blackleg, common scab and spraing. It's important to lift this variety before they fully mature to avoid them cracking. Good slug resistance. Waxy eating texture, good for boiling and salads.
SaxonSecond EarlyContemporary second early variety that produces large crops of oval shaped white skinned tubers. Highly regarded as one of the best tasting modern varieties with a good scab resistance. Firm and yellow flesh, waxy eating texture, great for boiling, baking, chipping and roasting.
SagittaSecond EarlySagitta are one of the best tasting potatoes available today. Mainly used in the chip shop trade these tubers provide excellent flushy mash and can be boiled well too.
SarpoMaincropWith exceptional resistance to potato blight, virus, disease and drought, the 'Sarpo' varieties produce high yields - even in poorer soils. We currently have the 'Sarpo Mira' variety in store - perfect for gardeners who want to grow delicious potatoes without the need for chemical sprays, excessive irrigation and soil improvement additives. Heights and spreads: 60cm (24").
Sharpes ExpressFirst EarlyOriginating in the early 1900's this variety produces tubers that are long and oval shaped with white skins and pale, lemon-coloured flesh with shallow eyes. Good scab resistance. Sharpes Express has a fine flavour with a dry and mealy eating texture making them great for boiling, roasting and chipping.
SetantaMain CropOne of the most popular blight resistant potato varieties in the UK - super for the allotment grower. They produce reasonably smooth red skins with a yellow flesh and shallow eyes. Excellent scab resistance and fantastic taste - ideal for boiling, mashing, baking, chipping and roasting. Floury texture.
SpuntaSecond EarlyLarge sized, long tubers with white to yellow flesh and a light-yellow skin. This variety works well boiled or steamed and can commonly be found in salads. 
StemsterMaincropA maincrop variety first seen in the 1980s, this potato produces oval tubers with red skins. The creamy flesh means the 'Stemster' works well when made into chips, as well as being a good one for mashing, baking and roasting. 
SwiftFirst EarlyAptly named, this Swift variety is one of the earliest of earlies with tubers being produced within 60 days. A high yielding variety that produces a round-to-oval shaped white tuber with creamy flesh and shallow eyes. Swift has been bred for early use in the north of Scotland so you can be assured this is a hardy variety.
Great disease resistance to blackleg, common scab, powdery scab and eelworm resistance. Swift is an ideal variety to grow in containers for early use.
Waxy eating texture that's great for boiling, baking, chipping, roasting and salads.
Ulster PrinceFirst EarlyA first early that produces long, white tubers with shallow eyes. Excellent drought resistance, also resistant to common and powdery scab. Waxy texture - excellent for boiling, baking and salads.
Ulster SceptreFirst EarlyLong and oval in shape with white flesh and white skin.
Also known as 'Cheshire potatoes' and 'Ormskirk Potatoes' due to their popularity in these areas and all along the west coast.
High resistance to foliage blight, common scab and powdery scab.
Floury/waxy eating texture that's great for boiling and roasting.
Vales SovereignMaincropThis early maincrop variety shows good disease resistance - including to blight, scab, and blackleg - and is relatively new to the market. It features a white and red skin, an oval shape, and a cream coloured flesh. A good all-rounder, it is best when baked, roasted or mashed. 
ValorMaincropA great maincrop variety with high yields that show good resistance to blight and scab. Bred by Jack Dunnet, this creamy fleshed tuber with a floury texture produces large crops of bold white tubers. Great for boiling and baking.
WiljaSecond EarlyWilja is a Dutch variety that produces large consistent crops of light yellow skinned tubers in a short time period. Good scab resistance. The flesh of Wilja potatoes is yellow and firm being in-between waxy and floury. Great for boiling, mashing, chipping and roasting.
WinstonFirst EarlyThis variety is a first early capable of producing high yields of smooth shallow eyed tubers that are short to oval in shape. The flesh has a firm texture and creamy colour, whilst their very low dry matter would put Winston in the wet potato category. Excellent all round disease and scab resistance. Creamy eating texture, great for boiling, baking and chipping.

Taster Packs

Anya - First Early
Apache - Second Early
Arran Victory - Maincrop
Elfe - Second Early
Innovator - Second Early
Isle of Jura - Maincrop
Jazzy - Second Early
Osprey - Second Early
Piccolo Star - Second Early
Rooster - Maincrop
Shetland Black - Second Early
Highland Burgundy - Maincrop
Salad Blue - Maincrop
Yukon Gold - Second Early
Pippa - Maincrop
Vivaldi - Second Early

If you have any questions about potato growing, then please do get in touch, our resident gardening experts are always happy to help.

Happy potato growing and eating!

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