Peat Free Gardening

Peat Free Gardening

Did you know that very soon, gardening with peat based composts could become a thing of the past?

"Peat is formed over thousands of years by partly decomposed wetland plants which are compacted at a rate of 1mm per year. This means that the loss of peat by mass harvesting for horticulture is irreversible over human timescales."

The prospect of gardening without peat may one day become a reality. In fact, it's predicted that peat based products will be withdrawn for amateur gardeners in the next few years. Many growers and producers of plants are now using peat free compost as an alternative and are having excellent results. Now you can too!

We would like to introduce you to Dalefoot Composts, a local company offering great alternatives for sustainable gardening. Made from sheep's wool & bracken, this peat free range feeds through the growing season and requires up to 50% less watering as wool retains moisture!

These composts are all made on a small hill farm in the Lake District. The ideas for them come from old gardening books - from where many good ideas have been forgotten. We're pleased to announce that we stock this fantastic range of local composts here at Beetham Nurseries.