We have a variety of Cyclamen in stock available in shades of red, white and pink. Cyclamen make great house plants and are fairly easy to care for. 

We sell Cyclamen in various sizes up to about eight inches. They're a stunning houseplant that provide colour from their flowers and attractive foliage from around December to February.

Water whenever the soil feels dry, avoiding the crown of the plant, protect them from drafts and excessive heat; Cyclamen don't like heat but they're not frost hardy either. They like bright indirect light during their flowering period. Once they stop flowering, they go into a dormant stage, it's a good idea to let the plant dry out and to keep it away from bright sunlight. During their dormant stage they can be placed outside or inside in a cool, dark place. If you decide to place yours outside, then be sure to leave the pot on its side so that it doesn't fill with water and remember to bring it in around September. If cared for correctly, it will probably start coming back to life late in the autumn, when you can start to water it again. Do remember to bring in before the first frost though.

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