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This month we've chosen Calluna vulgaris.

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28 November, 2017

Join us for a fun and flamboyant evening of Christmas floral arranging with Derek Armstrong.

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Tips from the Nursery Manager

Take Cuttings

Take hardwood cuttings from roses, cotinus and blackberries. Take cuttings from any perennials that are not very hardy in case they don't make it through the winter and over winter them in a frost free area.

Check Greenhouse Heating

Make sure greenhouse heaters are working properly if you have them.

Lawn Care

Apply an autumn lawn feed to revitalise summer lawns and help them through the colder months, re-turf if necessary.

Move Vulnerable Plants Indoors.

If you haven't moved plants that are tender and won't survive the winter yet, then now is the time to do so! Bring vulnerable plants indoors; anything that can't be moved should be provided with winter protection. Mulch, bubble wrap or protect with a winter fleece. We recommend the latter.

Tidy Autumn Leaves

Build a leaf bin out of chicken wire to collect autumn leaves.


Harvest everything that won't survive the winter. Chutney is a great way of getting rid of unused edibles from the kitchen garden.

Apply an Autumn Lawn Feed

Applying an autumn lawn feed now will keep your lawn healthy and help it withstand harsh winter weather. Make sure you apply an autumn fertiliser that's high in potash and phosphates. High Nitrogen spring/summer feeds will only encourage top growth, which is soft and easily damaged by frosts.

Pond Care

If you have a pond, remove pumps and filters from fountains to prevent frost damage. You can prevent your pond from freezing over by floating large inflatable balls or plastic bottles filled with stones on the surface. Fish need oxygen so if your pond does freeze, you can place a pan of hot water on the surface to melt it. Net ponds to prevent leaves falling in.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Now is the perfect time to buy spring flowering bulbs, ready for planting before the first frost arrives. Spring flowering bulbs are best bought fresh and stored until your ready to plant them. We now have a large selection available.

Net Ponds

Net ponds now to prevent leaves falling in.

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