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Attractive shrubs with flourishing flowers of white through to lilac and blue to deep purples

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Plants are our passion, we've been growing our own for over 30 years!

We pride ourselves on being different. We invite you to come and discover the unusual, the rare, the beautiful and the quirky! Visit our traditional retail plant nursery (opens March), have a bite to eat in the Garden Cafe, explore our new Home & Lifestyle space, discover our new Food Hall (stocked with fresh local produce and artisan goodies!).

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Tips from the Nursery Manager

Water Camellias & Rhododendrons

Keep camellias and rhododendrons well watered, this will ensure that next year’s buds develop well.


Deadhead roses toward the end of the month unless you wish for them to form autumn hips


Hang wasp traps in fruit trees to keep their numbers down

Plant Autumn Flowering Bulbs

Autumn flowering bulbs such as crocuses, dahlia, nerine, cyclamen and begonias can be planted now for a late seasonal display.

Installing a Water Butt

If you haven't installed a water butt then think about doing so, plants prefer rain water over chlorinated tap water and collected water is not only free but environmentally friendly. We have a range of sizes available.

Check Your Outdoor Furniture

It's never too late to replace your garden furniture. We have an extensive selection that will ensure you're prepared for those sunny days in the garden!

Keep on Top of Watering

Make sure that you regularly water everything including flower beds, containers and hanging baskets because they can dry out really quickly in the summer sun, even more so if it's windy.

Ventilate Greenhouses

On warmer, sunny days it can get very hot in the greenhouse. Open vents to regulate the temperature - don't forget to close them when it begins to cool down.

Don't Forget to Water

Warmer weather and windy days can really dry the garden out and damage small plants. Remember to water well either early in the morning or evening.

Protect Against Slugs & Snails

Young plants can be eaten before you know it. Get slug prevention methods in place now before it's too late!


Aphids can severely affect the vigour of plants. Regularly check your plants (especially the underside of rose leaves) for their presence. If found, destroy manually or use an effective spray such as RoseClear.

Pick summer fruits

Pick gooseberries, currants, strawberries and other fruits.

Cut Back Lavender

Lavender can be trimmed back once it’s finished flowering

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