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Entice bees and butterflies to your garden with the beautiful blooms of Leucanthemum.

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17 June, 2018

Join us for another summer season at some of the best garden shows in the North West!

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Tips from the Nursery Manager

The Perfect Garden Party

Are you ready for the warmer weather? We have an extensive collection of outdoor furniture alongside revolutionary new bbqs developed with 3 Michelin Star celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal. Whether you are cooking fish, chicken, vegetables, or a pig on a rotisserie, you can put on the perfect garden party in style this summer.

Bedding Plants

Tender bedding plants can now be put out but keep an eye on the weather forecast and be prepared to cover with fleece if necessary.

Early Flowering Clematis

As soon as early flowering clematis have flowered, prune them back to control their size.

Tidy Hedges

Hedges can be tidied up now but make sure that you check for bird's nests first!

Protect New Plants

Protect the growth of new plants from slugs. We have a good selection of slug deterrent products available - methods that are both humane and otherwise.


Get on top of weeding jobs as soon as possible - weeds will grow faster as the weather warms up. It's far easier to remove them now and regularly (once a week or more) before they become established.

Crop Rotation

Remember to rotate crops, this discourages pests and diseases and keeps essential nutrients within the soil.


Water containers every day. Water the garden thoroughly once or twice a week depending on the weather, if it's really hot, dry or windy, then the garden will need watering more frequently.

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