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This month we've chosen Rudbeckias; a delightful genus of perennials providing colour from mid-summer until autumn.

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Summer Colour

Now's the perfect time to visit our Growing Nursery and fill any gaps in your borders with some instant summer colour.

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Tips from the Nursery Manager

Harvest fruit

Pick gooseberries, currants, strawberries and other fruits.

Tomatoes and Potatoes

Spray tomatoes and potatoes with Bordeaux mixture to prevent blight.

Take cuttings from shrubs

including but not limited to; honeysuckle, ivy, hydrangea, potentilla and rosemary.

Install a water butt

If you haven't already then install a water butt to make the most of the water that we do get during these dry months.

Don't let birds steal the fruits of your labour

Net cherries and other soft fruits to protect them from birds or install a crop cage. We have a variety of solutions available in the garden centre.

Keeping the garden tidy

Plants that have finished flowering can be cut back to keep the garden tidy. Many plants will provide a second flush of flowers in abundance if cut back now, hardy geraniums and salvia to name a couple.

Keep on top of weeding

Keep on top of weeds driveways, patios etc.

Lawn Care

Keep mowing grass (at least once a week) and rake out any dead brown grass. Now's a good time to give your lawn a summer feed, especially if it will be the first of this year. This will ensure that your lawn remains in 'tip top' condition throughout the rest of the season.

Encourage Beneficial Insects

Encourage beneficial insects by installing a bug box. We have an extensive selection available now in the Garden Centre.

Greenhouse ventilation

Ensure your greenhouse has good ventilation, consider using blinds as a shield if your greenhouse is getting too hot.

Growing broad beans?

Pinch out the top of broad beans to discourage blackfly

Discourage red spider mites

Damp down greenhouses to prevent red spider mites.

Water daily

Fruit and vegetable plants will need watering daily in warm or windy weather - don't underestimate the wind. If unsure it’s best to push your finger into about an inch of the soil and see if it’s moist or not.

Remove unwanted strawberry runners

Grow new plants from strawberry runners and remove the unwanted runners so that plants maintain their strength


Deadhead roses toward the end of the month unless you wish for them to form autumn hips.

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