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Hydrangea Paniculata

A deciduous woody plant, Hydrangea Paniculata is sure to make an impression in the garden as summer begins to wind down.

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Floristry Workshop

Monday 20th August

Bring your own container and learn how to create a summer floral arrangement which will make the perfect gift or fit perfectly into your home.

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Tips from the Nursery Manager

Spring Flowering Bulbs Now Available!

It may seem early to think of spring but a good gardener thinks ahead. We now have a comprehensive selection of spring flowering bulbs in stock.


Clematis can occasionally get ‘clematis wilt’ symptoms include wilting leaves and discolouration of the stem. The best thing is to cut out infected parts of the plant and dispose of them accordingly. Don’t put them on your compost heap as you could then infect your compost.

The Perfect Garden Party

We have an extensive collection of outdoor furniture alongside revolutionary new bbqs developed with 3 Michelin Star celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal. Whether you are cooking fish, chicken, vegetables, or a pig on a rotisserie, you can put on the perfect garden party in style this summer.


Pick peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers to encourage the development of further flowers. Spray tomatoes and potatoes with Bordeaux mixture to prevent blight. Plums apples and pears with heavy laden branches will need supporting now.

Lawn Care

If you've noticed your lawn is looking a little tired, some maintenance may be in order! Keep on top of your lawn by raking out the accumulation of dead brown grass, moss and weeds from your lawn or borders; and adding a lawn feed to provide protection from the hot sun and keep it in good condition.

Crop Rotation

Remember to rotate crops, this discourages pests and diseases and keeps essential nutrients within the soil.

Late Summer Colour

Now is the time to start thinking about plants that will provide late season colour. Autumn flowering bulbs such as crocuses, dahlia, nerine, cyclamen and begonias can be planted at the end of this month for a late seasonal display.


Water containers daily & the garden once or twice a week depending on the weather. If it's really hot, dry or windy, then the garden will need watering more frequently. Now is also a good time to think about installing a water butt - we have a good range in store in a variety of sizes.


Deadhead roses toward the end of the month unless you wish for them to form autumn hips.

Summer Flowering Shrubs

Summer flowering shrubs can be pruned once they have finished flowering.


As fruit ripens wasps can become pests in the garden. Hang wasp traps in fruit trees to keep their numbers at bay. We have a selection of wasp control methods available in the Garden Centre.

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