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Seed Trays, Planters & Propagation

We have everything you need to make sure your seeds and cuttings get the best start in life with a wide range of seed trays, pots and propagation equipment. Our seed tray inserts are perfect for starting a wide variety of seeds and will fit in most standard seed trays. We have half sized seed trays made from recycled plastic, perfect for compact areas, and premium growing trays for transforming cuttings into large plants.

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Seed Planters 

Beetham Nurseries offers planters in a range of different shapes and sizes to suit all types of plants. The Haxnicks herb wall garden planter makes excellent use of your vertical outdoor space. The Haxnicks vegetable patio planters make it easy to grow vegetables on a balcony, patio or small garden. We also stock Haxnicks hemp fibre pots for a sustainable, plastic-free and completely biodegradable planting solution. 

Seed Trays 

Seed trays allow you to sow under ideal conditions, including proper nutrition, temperate and water until the plants are big enough to be transplanted into the ground. Our seed trays are easy to fill, carry, water and transplant into soil. These are ideal for growing seeds indoors and in the greenhouse, and many of our trays are made from recycled materials that are strong and reusable. We have seed trays to cater for all types of seeds, including growbag trays for vegetables and gravel trays which can be used as moisture bases for starter pots. For an excellent all-rounder, we have standard seed trays which are well suited to all types of seeds and cuttings. 

Propagation Accessories 

We also stock everything you need for plant propagation organisation. The Burgon & Ball seed storage envelopes will keep all the seeds you collect neatly organised, and the compact potting bench makes a valuable addition to any greenhouse, particularly those that are short on space. Create the ideal growing environment for your plants and vegetables with a raised bed, and use a garden sieve to mix and prepare compost and soil.