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Welcome wildlife into your garden with our range of birdhouses, feeders and tables. If you’re looking for a new bird box, a feeding table that stands out from the crowd or one that simply blends into the background, we’ve got a wide selection of wildlife homes and feeders both online and in-store. All our high-quality homes and feeders have been designed to encourage wildlife and are durable enough to stand up to continued use by little critters. 

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Bird Houses & Nest Boxes

Provide a snug and warm home for nesting birds like tits and sparrows with the traditional rookery nest boxes made in classic, timeless designs that will complement and blend into the natural surroundings of your garden. With natural nesting sites in decline, our birdboxes are the perfect way to provide much-needed homes for birds to settle and raise their young.

We also have boxes with wider entry holes that are well suited to larger tits and sparrows, who will appreciate a warm and comfortable place to rest, particularly in the autumn and winter months.

Bird Feeders for Every Garden

We have a wide range and styles of bird feeders available to suit all types of gardens and help attract wildlife to your outdoor space. Bird feeders can be freestanding or hanging, depending on your preference. Choose a hanging fat ball feeder for something discrete that can be hung well out of reach of pets. Fat ball feeders are a popular and affordable favourite and well-loved by birds.

Choose a feeding house with a generous overhanging roof to keep bird feed dry and protected whatever the weather. A wall or tree-mountable peanut butter feeder is a fun and interesting choice that birds will keep coming back to. We also have a freestanding classic bird station for all-in-one bird feeding, watering and bathing.

Premium Bird Feed

Of course, you’re going to want to make sure your bird feeder is fully stocked with nutritious, high energy food that birds will love. We have an extensive selection of bird feed at Beetham Nurseries, including sunflower hearts, fat balls, peanut cake and even whole filled coconuts. Keep your birds happy, healthy and coming back for more.

Shelter for Garden Bugs

Give garden insects a home with our range of handcrafted insect towers and lodges, which provide hibernation cavities suitable for ladybirds and other garden dwelling insects. We also stock naturally made bee honeycombs, which provide solitary bees with a place to shelter and rest when they need it.

Can’t see what you’re looking for? Give Beetham Nurseries a call on 015395 63630 or visit us at our garden centre near the Lake District to browse our full range.