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Plant Support & Watering

Plants are an important part of any garden. Having a garden filled with blooms brightens up the area and goes a long way to creating a beautiful space you’ll want to spend time in. If you are interested in buying outdoor plants, you must have the correct supports and watering equipment to make sure your garden flourishes. At Beetham Nurseries, we offer a range of garden plant supports and garden water butts to keep your plants in top condition.

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Watering Cans & Garden Water Butts

It is a well known fact that the three things that plants need to survive are water, sunlight and plenty of oxygen. To keep plants well watered, we offer a range of watering cans and garden water butts. For a small garden or yard, a watering can is ideal as it can simply be filled with water, and each plant can be manually watered as often as required.

However, if you have a larger garden or you want to harvest rainwater for your plants, a water butt is a great investment. Garden water butts collect rainwater from your guttering, which can then be used to water plants, grass or even non-garden activities such as washing a car or driveway. The main aim of a garden water butt is to reduce and conserve water usage, creating an eco-friendly way of gardening.

Garden Plant Supports

Another vital piece of equipment for keeping plants and flowers healthy is plant supports. Climbing plant supports are mainly used to encourage plants to grow in a specific direction, shape, or up a wall. This is commonly done to optimise garden space or create the desired visual appearance. Another benefit of garden plant supports is that they also help keep fruit or flowers off the ground and get the nutrients they need to grow and remain healthy.

Buying Plant Supports Online or at our Garden Centre

Browse our extensive range of plant supports and garden water butts at Beetham Nurseries to keep on top of plant maintenance whilst saving water. We also offer a range of garden supplies online at our garden centre near Kendal.