A Guide To Roses at Beetham Nurseries

A Guide To Roses at Beetham Nurseries

Posted on 7 June, 2018

Few flowers say summer in the UK quite like the classic rose. The nation's favourite flower, the variety of types, colours and scents available are almost endless. Great for adding a touch of summer colour to the garden, we have a wide variety of roses in the Garden Centre: all are British grown, and many are coming into bloom as we speak. There's a mixture of traditional roses and modern varieties to choose from – if you are looking for a specific type, our friendly garden experts are always on hand to help! 

Which Type Of Rose Should You Choose?


This low-maintenance rose can be placed almost anywhere in the garden (depending on the variety). They produce clusters of flowers and can spread up to 3 feet depending on their growing conditions.  


These roses are great for training on a variety of surfaces, including fences and pillars. They grow to a height of 6 – 20 feet;  produce large, single flowers as well as smaller flowers on the patio climbing roses. Some flower repeatedly, others flower once in the summer.


The rambling rose is different from the climbing rose in that rambling roses produce more clusters of flowers. They can be trained to climb on trellises and archways and can grow up to 40 feet tall. Some flower repeatedly, others flower once in the summer.


Producing beautiful, highly scented full blooms, the English rose is ideal for those wishing to cut their roses for bouquets and arrangements. They can be trained to climb however also look beautiful when grown in deep containers; some climbing English roses can grow to a height of 20 feet. 

David Austin Roses at Beetham Nurseries

David Austin roses are renowned for their distinctive style, beautiful blooms and lovely scent. The result of a lifelong – and still ongoing - quest to create a more beautiful rose, David Austin began working towards this goal in the early 1950s. Today, his roses are the choice of many gardeners, and David Austin now works with his son David and grandson Richard in continuing to grow stunning, British grown roses which remain popular across the country. 

We have a wide selection of David Austin roses in the Garden Centre, in a variety of colours. They can prove incredibly popular, so if you are looking for a particular type we'd recommend calling ahead to check it's in stock. 

Rose Care Tips

  • Roses are not overly fussy when it comes to soil type – the only requirement is that it's well drained - however for best results it's a good idea to add some manure or garden compost.  
  • Roses will enjoy a good feed. When feeding roses, there are two options. In spring, use a dedicated rose fertiliser, before adding an organic mulch such as rotted manure. OR, during the summer months, feed container grown roses every fortnight. Avoid doing both as this can be too much.
  • Full sun, partial light, shady areas...there's a rose for most aspects, so check the label or ask one of our friendly staff members for help choosing the best one for you. Even in shady areas, roses will still need at least four hours of sunlight every day. As a general  rule, the more sun, the more flowers and the longer the flowering time!
  • Growing your roses in a container this summer? Keep them well watered: every day during warmer weather should do the trick. 
  • When the rose heads begin to wilt, it's a good idea to deadhead them to make way for new blooms.
  • In areas with cleaner air, such as here in the Cumbrian countryside, spray your roses one every fortnight with Rose Clear to stave off problems such as black spot.

Looking to add a rose (or ten!) to your garden this summer? We have a wide variety in the garden centre: ask a member of staff for help choosing your perfect rose.