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Garden Reclamation

What is Garden Reclamation?

As upcycling becomes more popular, the trend is no longer focused on just clothes and furniture. One of the latest avenues of upcycling is garden reclamation. The concept of garden reclamation takes old garden ornaments such as benches, troughs, urns and pots and transforms them into reclaimed garden furniture.

Reclaimed garden ornaments are the way to go for those who love antiques or want to fill their garden with a character. As part of our range of gardening supplies online, we offer a high-quality selection of reclaimed garden furniture. Each of our reclaimed garden pots, urns and planters are of the highest quality, so rest assured that although these pieces are antiques, they are in excellent condition.

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Why Choose Reclaimed Garden Ornaments Over New Ornaments?       

One of the unique qualities of choosing antique garden furniture and ornaments over something modern is that the item is full of character. Our garden reclamation collection ranges from Victorian to Mid 20th century pieces, all with a rich backstory. With antiques like these, you can be sure that your garden will look unique and full of character.

Another benefit to choosing a reclaimed garden ornament is that it is good for the environment. Buying reclaimed garden furniture minimises the volume of wasted materials and the number of items sent to landfills. It breathes life into an old ornament, which can be reused and repurposed. Our Victorian bowls may once have been used to separate milk, but now they can be used for anything, including holding fruit or simply for decoration.

Reclaimed Garden Furniture, Pots & Urns from Beetham Nurseries

At Beetham Nurseries, we have a range of gardening supplies from our online garden centre, including our reclaimed garden furniture, pots & urns. In addition, we offer an extensive collection of indoor and outdoor reclaimed and antique pieces from our Garden Reclamation range. Each antique is carefully sourced from all over the country to ensure high quality, character-filled pieces are selected.

If you want to visit our garden centre in Cumbria, you can find each of our reclaimed garden ornaments and furniture on The Terrace. For any further questions on garden reclamation or any of our other outdoor pots and planters, don’t hesitate in contacting us today online or at our garden centre.