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Fertilisers & Chemicals

We offer a wide range of fertilisers for plants here at Beetham Nurseries that you can use to improve plant growth and crop yields. Fertilisers are most beneficial for plants that are showing signs of nutrient deficiency; however, they can also be used in healthy soil to encourage a more luscious display of flowers or a greater number of edible crops.

We also stock several chemicals designed to safeguard your plants against disease and unwanted moss and keep algae on any wood structures in your outdoor space at bay.

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Concentrated Plant Fertiliser

Our plant fertiliser is available in different styles, including pelleted chicken manure, liquid all purpose plant food and even plant food tablets designed specifically for pots and hanging baskets. You'll find trusted brands like Miracle-Gro, Levington and Roundup.

Fertiliser can be applied in several different ways, depending on the type you choose. For example, plant food applied as a top dressing on the surface of the soil is usually done in the spring at the beginning of the growing season. It can also be incorporated into the soil or potting compost ahead of sowing if the soil is not nutritionally balanced. Water on fertiliser can be added throughout the growing season to provide an instant boost to greenhouse crops, bedding plants and pot plants.

Buy Garden Chemicals Online

Don't let all your hard work in the garden go to waste. Keep all your plants safe from bugs, weeds and disease. We stock all the garden chemicals you need to protect your plants, crops and garden structures. Our range includes easy-to-use BugClear spray-on insecticide, Fungus Clear for keeping blackspot and powdery mildew at bay, and Job Done Moss Killer to rid your lawn of unwanted moss.


In our fertiliser and chemicals range, you'll also find a selection of lawn care products to keep your grass thick and green all year round. So whether you're looking for an all in one lawn feed and moss killer or a repair kit to improve bare patches, we have everything you need.

Always take care to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully when using chemicals and wear gloves whilst gardening. You can order our full range of garden fertilisers and chemicals online or visit us at our garden centre in Milnthorpe to shop the range in person.