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Cutting Tools

As part of our gardening supplies online at Beetham Nurseries, we offer an extensive range of garden cutting tools, from garden pruning tools to garden secateurs. Our garden cutting tools are easy to use and will leave your garden looking pristine. So whether you’re an avid gardener or simply want to keep your garden looking neat, our garden cutting tools are ideal for all.

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Garden Pruning Tools & Garden Secateurs

The act of pruning means selectively removing or reducing unwanted parts of a plant or tree either for visual or growth purposes. Several garden pruning tools can be used to neaten your garden, including the following:

Pruning Scissors – This type of garden secateurs works much like regular scissors by using adjacent blades to slice through materials or plants. Pruning scissors can make clean cuts through branches or plant matter, removing unwanted parts.

Pruning Shears – Like pruning scissors, shears are most often used to remove unwanted branches from hedges and larger plants. The sharp blades offer a high cutting efficiency, allowing you to keep hedges in excellent condition in less time.

Pruning Knives – As one of our top garden pruning tools, a pruning knife can be used for various applications from slicing string, cutting flowers, pruning vines, and even grafting trees. Most commonly, pruning knives are used to harvest vegetables, perfect for those looking to grow their own food.

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It has never been easier to neaten your garden, whether you’re new to gardening or an expert gardener. Browse our wide selection of garden cutting tools at Beetham Nurseries to find the ideal garden pruning tool for you. If you are also looking for other products to kit out your garden, come on down to our garden centre in the Lake District, where you can discover our extensive range of offers from outdoor plants to garden hand tools.