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Garden Hand Tools

At Beetham Nurseries, we know that your garden is one of the most important places in the home, so it’s essential to keep it in excellent condition. One of the easiest ways to keep your garden in check is to use garden hand tools. Easy to use and convenient to store due to their small size, garden hand tools are the perfect choice for any budding gardener wanting to tend to their garden. Our gardening supplies online range has plenty of garden hand tool sets to get you started.

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What are the Different Types of Garden Hand Tools?

To get your garden in good condition, it’s essential to have the basic tools. Garden hand tools can come in all shapes and sizes, from trowels to forks, each with a unique purpose. Our garden tool sets are ideal for novices and experienced gardeners alike, as every gardener can benefit from these staple garden hand tools.

A trowel will be your tool of choice for weeding and digging holes, allowing you to plant flower seeds and eliminate those pesky weeds. A bulb planter is the best tool for planting new seeds amongst other plants, as this doesn’t disturb any surrounding soil. When digging a new flower bed, you’ll want a garden fork, which is used to move soil and compost. Luckily for our customers at Beetham Nurseries, we stock all of the garden hand tools you could ever need, including garden hand tool sets that are suitable for every aspect of gardening.

Garden Hand Tools Available at Beetham Nurseries

We stock a range of garden hand tools at our garden centre near The Lake District and also in our online garden centre. From trowels to cultivators, our garden hand tools can have your outdoor space looking pristine in no time. So please browse our products online today, or take a trip down to our garden centre, where you’ll find the same range of garden hand tools and our friendly team of staff. Alternatively, you can contact us today using our enquiry form or give us a call on 01539563630.