Plant of the Month

Plant of the Month

Erysimum (Wallflowers)

For the first full month of spring, we’ve chosen the free flowering perennial Erysimum (Wallflower) as our plant genus of choice. This beautiful, strongly scented plant is popular with bees and butterflies and has become synonymous with the cottage garden.

With a long flowering season, there are a wide range of varieties to choose from in an array of beautiful colours including yellows, pinks and oranges (our stock changes by the week, keeping things fresh). 

A hardy plant, wallflowers usually survive frosts but will want to be placed in full or partial sunlight. When it comes to soil these versatile plants are not fussy and will grow in most types – although ensure soil isn’t waterlogged before planting your wallflowers.

  • Height and spread: 0.5 – 1m
  • Position: Full or partial sun
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Brighten up your spring garden with the beautiful blooms of the wallflower.

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