Plant of the Month

Plant of the Month


Very few plants rival the beauty, value and longevity that rudbeckias offer. Rudbeckias (commonly known as Black-eyed-Susans) are one of the devotees of late-summer colour, they happily flower from July through until the early-autumn and never fail to impress with their blankets of vibrant, yellow and orange flowers.

They can often be seen brightening up borders at a time of year when colour begins to wane. What's more, bees and butterflies love them too!

Whether you have lots of room in your border or you're running short of space, we're guaranteed to have the perfect rudbeckia for you. Available in a variety of sizes from the smaller 50cm high 'Little Gold Star' up to the 150cm tall 'Prairie Glow'.

Make some room for these delightful flowers, choose from:
 ‘Little Gold Star’, ‘Goldstrum’, ‘Herbstone’, ‘Deamii’, ‘Prairie Glow' and more

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