Plant of the Month

Plant of the Month

Hemerocallis (Daylilies)

With their stunning, trumpet-like flowers, Daylilies are a popular choice with many gardeners throughout the summer months. While individual flowers do not last for long, you can still be sure of beautiful blooms for weeks thanks to the plant’s long flowering season and ability to produce an abundance of flowers. 

Hemerocallis are easy to grow: they like to be be placed in full to partial sunlight and are unfussy when it comes to soil type (although they do prefer well-drained, fertile soil). Producing blooms between late May and August, their elegant flowers will add both colour and shape to the summer garden. 

Choose from the following varieties:

  • Hemerocallis 'South Seas'
  • Hemerocallis 'Lacy Doily'
  • Hemerocallis 'Eenie Weenie'
  • Hemerocallis 'Frosted Vintage Ruffles'
  • Hemerocallis 'Red Suspenders'
  • Hemerocallis 'Roger Grounds'

All grown here at Beetham Nurseries by our expert growers.

Height and spread: Up to 1.5m by 90cm 
Position: Sun or partial shade  
Hardiness: Fully Hardy

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