Plant of the Month

Plant of the Month

Hamamelis (Witch Hazel)

A beautiful deciduous shrub which is said to have medicinal properties, Hamamelis - or Witch Hazel – is a hardy plant which offers pretty blooms throughout late winter. Flowering for between four and six weeks, they bring a shot of colour to late winter gardens with their lovely yellow, orange and red blooms.

Hamamelis will prefer open, sunny positions away from too much wind. Opt for free draining soil conditions, and plant either in the ground or in a container. Given space to grow freely, Hamamelis will need little pruning; if space is an issue, prune your Hamamelis after it has finished flowering.

Height: 4 – 5m
Spread: 2.5 – 5m
Position: Sun or partial shade
Flowering Time: Mid to late winter
Hardiness: Hardy, with frost resistant flowers

Add a burst of colour to late winter gardens with the pretty blooms of Hamamelis.

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