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Pizza Ovens

Ooni Pizza Ovens

Picture this: you’re enjoying a lovely summer evening outside with friends and family, and it gets to that time of the evening when everyone starts to get peckish. There’s no need to all rush inside; with our outdoor garden pizza ovens available from our online garden centre, you can bring the cooking outside for all to enjoy. Not only that, but our gas pizza ovens also recreate restaurant quality pizza, leaving you a flavoursome snack to enjoy.

What are Ooni Pizza Ovens?

From creating the world’s first portable pellet pizza oven back in 2012, Ooni’s range of garden pizza ovens allows you to become the ultimate home pizza chef.

With the Ooni pizza oven, you can achieve the ultimate heat for the ultimate crust. Ooni pizza ovens heat up in just 15 minutes to over 500˚C, the temperature you need to make restaurant-quality pizza. You can cook incredible pizza at home in just 60 seconds at those intense temperatures. So if you want wood-fired pizza flavour with the ultimate gas-powered convenience, welcome to an outdoor pizza oven that makes pizza better.

Why Do You Need a Garden Pizza Oven?

Other than the convenience of being able to cook outdoors, our Ooni pizza ovens also offer a range of other benefits:

Enhanced Taste – Unlike a frozen pizza in the oven, a pizza cooked using an outdoor pizza oven has an enhanced taste. So when biting into your freshly cooked pizza, expect rustic, smokey flavour that can only be replicated in pizza ovens like these.

Choice of Toppings – Another benefit to Ooni outdoor pizza ovens is that they are ideal for cooking handmade pizzas, meaning you can get as creative as possible with your choice of toppings. You can also have fun making the pizzas with family and friends.

Portable – Thanks to the lightweight design of our garden pizza ovens, it means they can be transported easily. Whether you simply want to move your outdoor pizza oven to another garden area or even take it to a friends’ house for the evening, all of this is made easier with our portable pizza ovens.

Secure Your Garden Pizza Oven Today with Beetham Nurseries

At Beetham Nurseries, we stock a range of Ooni Pizza Ovens throughout the spring and summer. You can also enjoy your freshly cooked pizza alongside some of our other outdoor living products.

If you are looking for something specific or would like to check our product availability, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also visit us at our garden centre near The Lake District to view our outdoor pizza ovens.