Heston Blumenthal's FORCE™ Gas Barbecue

The FORCE™ Gas Barbecue by Heston Blumenthal, £599

Finally a versatile 2 burner gas BBQ that's simple to use and easy to love!

Power & Grace
Fast ignition with instant searing, means you're ready to cook in 5 minutes, while slender, contemporary taps put variable flame at your fingertips.

Seamless Design
Made from an easy-to-clean, die-cast aluminium body that won't rust, the integrated, flowing design is available in 2 colours: Mint or Stone.

Convection Cooking Made Simple
The high hood makes it easy to master the art of convection cooking and create 360 degree circulation around the food, infusing some wonderful flavours.

Flexible Grilling
Interchangeable, cast-iron flat plates, and grill plates with integrated flame-tamers, mean you can easily adjust the setup to suit your cooking style.

Try It Out  
It is always best to touch and feel so why not pop in and see this stunning gas barbecue set for yourself?

Colours Available:
*Mint or Stone

 *subject to availability

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