July in the Growing Nursery

July 2019 in the Growing Nursery

Posted on 9 July, 2019

Our traditional Growing Nursery is flourishing in the recent burst of summer sunshine; bees have been humming around our exquisite home grown herbaceous perennials and our ornamental grasses have been swaying in the gentle breeze. Summer colours are bright and luminous, and shades from brilliant yellow through to whites, purples and hot pinks create a beautiful seasonal patchwork. Our high quality nursery plants are waiting to be added to your garden or to simply be enjoyed when you take a relaxing stroll.

We are passionate about our collection of elegant Astilbe, which are ready to add variety and impact to shaded borders, or can be planted in containers with or without other shade loving perennials and annuals. Soil is to be kept moist if you decide to plant your Astilbe in containers. Growing to between 40cm and 80cm tall (dependent on variety) and with an average spread of around 45cm, the delicate feathery plumes are perfect if planted in borders as they will add both medium height and movement to a scheme. Colours vary from brilliant white, through to delicate pinks and vibrant reds, and varieties flower from June through to late August. Butterflies are attracted to Astilbe, so be prepared to see the delicate wings of your local wildlife flutter around this beautiful and diaphanous perennial.

In our Nursery, radiant spheres of delicate petals are present in the form of beautiful Dahlia Wittem. In addition glittering clusters of Dianthus flower heads are emerging to capture the summer sun. Often highly fragrant, this traditional cottage flower blooms in spring and summer months dependant on type. The charming blue green foliage alone will add depth and variation to your garden. To get the best out of your Dianthus, plant in full or partial sun and in fertile, alkaline soil that is well drained. Water in dry conditions and apply a fertiliser approximately every six weeks to make the most of these delightful blooms. Achillea and Achillea Millefolium provide more opportunity to add heightened billows of colour and texture. Tiny flower heads in a flattened formation are held by woody stems resplendent with feathery leaves, with the golden yellow of Achillea 'Little Moonshine' also ideal for containers.

Make sure you take the time to admire our collection of ornamental grasses. Perfect for adding sophistication, texture and creating seamless transitions between flowers and plants; our ornamental grasses are key for full flowing gardens and borders. The hardy perennial Briza media is a favourite; delightful formations of summer panicles reminiscent of wind chimes will dance around more structured blooms. Slender and graceful, Briza media is a hardy ornamental grass that is happy in well drained, moist soil and its pale green appearance will age beautifully to a rich golden brown. Also worth seeing are the mesmorising feathery Pennisetum (Karley Rose) and Calamagrostis Avalanche.

Set against a backdrop of Cumbrian hills and framed with mature trees and generous quantities of potted shrubs, our nursery is worth the short walk to visit. We hope you are as inspired as we are and that we see you soon.
The Growing Nursery is accessed from the middle car park, just ask any of our friendly members of staff for directions.