October in the Growing Nursery

Posted on 12 October, 2017

Enjoy Autumn's blooms, with beautiful late flowering perennials

So, here we are with my last Growing Nursery article of 2017. Where has this season gone?! On the last Sunday of the month (the 29th October), the Growing Nursery will close for the winter, re-opening in March 2018. Our last hurrah is anextensive plant sale which has just begun; we're offering up to 50% off on most items, so there are plenty of amazing bargains to be had. As a result of the ongoing development of the garden centre, we also have lots of shrubs and trees on sale at greatly reduced prices. It's always worth a look - you never know what you could pick up!

Although we are moving towards winter, there is still plenty of late colour in the Growing Nursery, with several perennials continuing to put on a good show.

Kniphofia Rooperi (above, left) is of especial note, with its compact flower heads glowing like red hot pokers with an inner fire. Standing at approx 1.2m tall with strong, sturdy stems, its impact is hard to beat when placed towards the back of the border and in combination with tall growing perennial grasses and Echinacea, looks just spectacular.

Chelone obliqua or Turtlehead (above, right) is another undemanding perennial which is still flowering its heart out, providing candy pink hooded blooms which do look uncannily like a turtle's head! A moisture lover, especially if planted in full sun (it really prefers a bit of shade), it spreads to approx 1 m and has fresh green foliage, ideal for woodland or waterside planting. A perfect plant for our moist climate in the North West!

Anemone Honorine Jobert (pictured below), a beautiful pure white single Japanese Anemone, continues to light up the gloomy autumn days with its stunning simple blooms, each with a ring of pure gold stamens. Examined close up, each flower is a work of art, and it's worth planting them close to a path or patio so that you can really appreciate their beauty.

We hope to see you enjoying the last of the Autumn sun in the Growing Nursery and maybe picking up a few bargains while you're here. 

On behalf of the whole Nursery team, I would like to thank all of our lovely customers for your support this season: your feedback and kind words (and constructive criticism!) have been much appreciated. We look forward to welcoming you back in Spring 2018. Until then, happy gardening!

Alyson Woods, Nursery Manager