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Christmas Market Weekend Terms and Conditions

  1. If you are successful in your application for a chalet, we require 50% payment within 14 days of receipt of invoice (invoices to be sent on Monday 21st August 2023) and the remaining 50% payment to be made no later than 8 weeks prior to the event (Thursday 5th October 2023).
  2. You are responsible for the look of your stall and must ensure all displays are completed to a high standard. Any additional fixtures and fittings you may wish to bring must fit inside the chalet.
  3. Please consider health & safety issues during the set up/take down and inspect your stall regularly for potential hazards.
  4. Chalet holders must be set up and ready for trading each morning by the opening time stated. Access will be permitted 30 minutes prior to the opening time each day.
  5. We kindly ask that you do not leave the premises before the end of each day of the market, and do not start to take-down until 4pm on the Sunday of your Market Weekend.
  6. The key to a successful event is the promotion of it. Please make every effort to promote the Christmas Market Weekend on your website, social media, mailing lists, word of mouth etc. We can send out promotional flyers to you if required.
  7. All stall holders are responsible for your own public liability insurance and, if appropriate, PAT testing for products, equipment and stall. It is the chalet holder’s responsibility to display your work safely and appropriately with full responsibility for the liability of products and the public in relation to the stall. Any breakages are the responsibility of the artist.
  8. Each chalet will have one strip light internally and if a plug socket is required, it is the chalet holder’s responsibility to ensure that all electrical items are switched off and unplugged at the end of each day.
  9. Each chalet has a lock and key and so will be locked overnight. Beetham Nurseries does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any property left overnight.
  10. Please note that WIFI is available for all chalet holders.
  11. Chalet holders selling alcohol must provide a copy of the personal licence for those who will be selling the alcohol at the Christmas Market Weekend.
  12. Booking applications are only final once we have received 50% payment and all required details.
  13. Arrangement of tables and pitch allocation is at the discretion of the organisers and the organisers decision is final.
  14. Chalet holders must not do nor permit to be done at the event anything which shall in any way be a nuisance or which, in the opinion of the event organiser, is contrary either to public good taste or the character of the event; nor sell or display goods or services which have not been stipulated on the booking form and agreed by the event organiser; nor organise any form of betting or gambling.
  15. Chalet holders must dispose of their own rubbish and ensure that your allocated space is left clean and tidy, leaving only the furniture provided by Beetham Nurseries, and all keys. Any keys that are not left will incur a charge.
  16. Should you need to cancel your stall and have already paid we will endeavour to resell your allocated stall, if we are successful you will receive a full refund if cancelling up to one month prior.
  17. Final set up details, parking and unloading details are forwarded to each maker 2 weeks prior to the event.
  18. Any damage or mess caused by any chalet holder or employees to the venue or its fixtures and fittings shall be immediately made good at that chalet holder’s expense.
  19. Should the Christmas Market Weekend be cancelled due to the Government Guidelines being changed and we fail to open up as planned by the event then a refund or roll over of your stall fee will be issued.