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Clippings from The Growing Nursery - April/May 2023

Clippings from The Growing Nursery - April/May 2023

The Growing Nursery has now been open for around 6 weeks of this season, and we are so pleased to have welcomed so many of you through our doors. Keep reading to learn what's looking great, top tips, jobs for you to be doing in your garden this month and much more... but first... it's quiz time!

Monthly Quiz

Do you fancy your chances at this month's quiz? Find the answers at the bottom of this page, but no cheating!

  1. Fabulous in the garden and loved by cats, what am I? 
  2. A popular, hardy perennial - work out the anagram: MGIURANE
  3. This Greek Goddess of the rainbow produces often fragrant flowers in summer, what am I?

What's Looking Great This Month?

Leucojum Aestivum - Gravetye Giant (also known as Summer Snowflake) is in flower now and looking fantastic. Much larger than Snowdrops, Summer Snowflakes multiply easily and can withstand very moist and damp conditions, so it's an ideal choice for pond-side planting or wetter areas. 

We have a large range of mature fruit trees on the walkway to The Growing Nursery, all ranging from 15-35 years old. Pears and Cherries are looking particularly beautiful at the moment, but they're so big you can't miss any of them!

Top Tips for Beginners

Now is the time to prepare vegetable gardens and planting areas, ready for new planting with supports for climbing crops. Cover your vegetable plot with cloches to warm the soil, ready for direct seed sowing; this can hasten direct sowing by 2 weeks! 

Tidy flower borders ready for the new season, and now's the time to remove last year's flowering stems from perennials, ready for new growth. 

Top Tips for All Gardeners

Leave Daffodil foliage to die down naturally, don't tie them in a knot (!) or cut back, until the foliage has turned brown and comes away easily. This will give you the best chance for the most flowers next spring. 

Now is a great time to scarify lawns to remove moss and old stems, tidy edges and weed & feed grass. Mow on high setting to start gently!

What We're Up To This Month in The Growing Nursery

We're continuing with potting new stock and getting out plants for sale - this is an ongoing job! If you're looking for a specific variety of plant that you can't see immediately in The Growing Nursery, be sure to always ask the team as it may be something we have 'behind the scenes'.

We're always continuing with weeding, too, as warm and damp weather promotes weed growth.

What To Focus On This Month...

After a cold and frosty winter, you may have lost trees, shrubs and perennials. Remove any failures and plan new borders, try any new varieties, change colour schemes, go for a new look! If you have unfortunately lost plants due to the adverse weather, now is a great time to experiment and take a risk! 

Our Team's Pick of the Month

Our top pick this month is Tetrapanax Papyfera Rex which is in The Glasshouse... you can also find a huge version outside our Garden Cafe (which is just awakening after the winter months). Despite its tropical appearance, it is a (largely) winter hardy plant and will certainly be a bold statement in any garden as it can grow up to 15 feet tall (much like the one outside The Garden Cafe!) and is fast growing. 

So there you have it, another month of top tips and plant suggestions for your own outdoor space; we hope to welcome you to The Growing Nursery very soon... we are open Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm and Sunday 10.30am - 4.30pm. If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Quiz answers:

  1. Nepeta (Catmint)
  2. Geranium
  3. Iris

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