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Clippings from The Growing Nursery - May/June 2023

Clippings from The Growing Nursery - May/June 2023

The Growing Nursery has been extremely busy of late, and we are loving seeing so many of you up here! When visiting, be sure to say hello and if you require any assistance from our friendly team, please do ask. Keep reading to learn what's looking great, top tips, jobs for you to be doing in your garden this month and much more... but first... it's quiz time!

Monthly Quiz

Do you fancy your chances at this month's quiz? Find the answers at the bottom of this page, but no cheating!

  1. I am a shade loving plant, with beautifully patterned leaves; what am I?
  2. I am a perennial with feathery foliage & flowers grows best in damp places, what am I?
  3. A perennial that loves the sun & well drained soil, and is bee & butterfly friendly, too! Work out the anagram: LAHACIEL

What's Looking Great This Month?

The Growing Nursery is really starting to wake up now and come into life, and we have plenty that is looking fantastic at this time of year! Looking particularly great this month are Alliums, Hardy Geraniums, Polygonatum Giganteum (large variety of Solomon Seal) and Briza Media, also known as Quaking Grass.

Top Tips for Beginners

Now is a great time to plant up hanging baskets & pots with summer bedding (remember to protect them from any risk of frost until the end of May, when all risk of frost will have passed). Use up any old compost from last year's beds on the garden to help offer added nutrition to your garden. 

Finally, weeding little & often to keep on top of weeds saves it becoming a larger job, and gives you an excuse to potter in the garden for 5 minutes here and there! 

Top Tips for All Gardeners

On days when you need to water the garden, be sure to do it in the morning and evening rather than during the heat of the day; a lot of water can evaporate and not get to the plant that really needs it! 

What To Focus On This Month...

Now is a great time to plant out sweet peas & provide good support for them to climb up. We have a large range of plant supports available in the Garden Centre! 

Strawberries can also be planted now; try different varieties which fruit at different times, to see you through the season. We have strawberry plants available in The Growing Nursery now, including varieties especially great for jam making!

Our Team's Pick of the Month

Our top pick this month has to be the Peony. It's looking fantastic in bud now, and will be flowering by June. Our particular favourite varieties are Bowl of Love, Sarah Bernhardt and Patio Rome. (Patio varieties are most suited in pots as they are more compact!)

So there you have it, another month of top tips and plant suggestions for your own outdoor space; we hope to welcome you to The Growing Nursery very soon... we are open Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm and Sunday 10.30am - 4.30pm. If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Quiz answers:

  1. Hosta
  2. Astilbe
  3. Achillea

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