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Clippings from The Growing Nursery – September 2023


The Growing Nursery is looking incredible in the recent sun we’ve been having! We are now officially in the late-summer period. And guess what? It’s a great season for planting! Read on to find out what’s looking great at the moment, and what our top tips are for the month ahead.

Monthly Quiz!

First things first, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test in our popular monthly quiz! Scroll to the bottom to find out. But no cheating!

  1. Riddle me this! I flower in late summer. I am tall with bright, yellow flowers. I have an unusually tall stem. What am I?
  2. I am known as ‘elephant ears’ and my foliage turns a vibrant red over winter. What am I?
  3. There are more vowels than consonants in this anagram for you to decipher. Do you know the answer? EEAONNM

What's Looking Great This Month?

With its sprays of sunny-yellow daisy flowers, the late-flowering ‘JS Maya’ Silphium is currently brightening up The Growing Nursery. The yellow star-like flowers on ‘Deamii’ Rudbeckia are also shining brightly.

With Silphium and Rudbeckia, it's possible to add some late-summer colour to borders, whilst also providing insects with nectar and pollen they wouldn't usually have. Both also work well with ornamental grasses in prairie-style schemes.

Top Tips for Beginners

The soil in your garden will still be warm from the summer sun which means that it’s the perfect time for planting new perennials. Planting now will give your new perennials the best chance of establishing their roots before the colder Winter months, so they are ready to flourish in the Spring.

If you have strawberry plants, you can pot up their runners for free plants (and fruit!) next year. Choose the healthiest runners and keep them attached to the parent pot until the roots are well established.

Another top tip is to buy perennials in flower now to extend the season of interest in your garden.

Top Tips for All Gardeners

Keep dead-heading plants to extend flowering. This not only gives us more viewing pleasure but also provides much-needed food for pollinators into the next season.

You can take inspiration from The Growing Nursery’s planted borders to see what’s looking good. To create your perfect borders, consider form, colour, height and plant combinations.

Any Special Offers This Month?

We have some fantastic offers to be had this month. Echinacea is now £8.99, down from £11.99. We also have Heuchera at £4.99 and Aster at just £2.99, both down from £7.99! Whilst stocks last.

What To Focus on This Month...

The grasses up at The Growing Nursery have begun to flower. This is their time! We have many different forms, heights, and colours. We truly have a grass variety for every location! Including ones that flourish in shade. Grasses are ideal for creating that cottage garden effect of a biodiverse and informal mix of closely planted flowers.

Our Team's Pick of the Month

Our top pick this month has to be Echinacea. With different heights and colours, pollinators love the pretty, daisy-like flowers with a central cone on these herbaceous perennials. They look great with grasses and for adding some late-summer colour


  1. Silphium
  2. Bergenia
  3. Anemone

That’s all for this month. Remember, a trip to Beetham Nurseries isn’t complete without a visit to The Growing Nursery. We hope to see you here soon!

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