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Your Questions Answered: Orchid Weekend 2023

Your Questions Answered: Orchid Weekend 2023

As part of our Orchid Day celebrations earlier this month, many of you submitted your questions for Burnham Nurseries to answer. 

This family-run nursery based in South Devon have been specialists in growing Orchids for 70 years, offering the widest range of Orchids in the UK. They joined us for Orchid Day on 14th January, along with an extensive range of products... and their incredible expertise! Find out more about these fascinating plants below:

How do I start when it comes to growing Orchids?

Choose the right orchid for the temperature of your room. Orchids like different temperature zones for cool, intermediate and warm rooms. Examples are cool (minimum 10°C) dendrobium, cymbidium, oncidium. Intermediate (min 12°C) brassia, miltoniopsis, cattleya. Warm (min 18°C) phalaenopsis, paphiopedilum, vanda. Also make sure the aspect is not too bright in the summer as this can burn the leaves. The biggest cultural tip is to not overwater, allow the roots to dry out well in between waterings, checking them each week to monitor how damp they are.

What's the best room in my house to grow an Orchid?

Somewhere you can see it and enjoy it! A room which has a bit of warmth, good light and it's always good to grow other house plants with orchids as that creates a better overall atmosphere with humidity which they like. A kitchen or bathroom is generally more humid.

Is there a type of Orchid I should opt for, when just starting out?

For a cool room I would recommend an oncidium which will enjoy a cooler, light position and should flower annually as long as it is growing well. Most orchids flower once a year when in season and that varies from type to type. For a warmer position the phalaenopsis do best and will flower all the year round.

Is there a type of Orchid that's easiest to care for? For example, if I was to buy one as a gift?

Phalaenopsis or "moth orchids" make the best gifts as they enjoy a warm room, don't have a flowering season so can bloom all year round, plus the flowers are the longest lasting out of all the orchids so they are great value for money and a lovely gift in a wide range of colours.

Will there be another Orchid Day next year?

Yes! We are hoping for 13th January 2024!

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