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February Half Term Nestbox Trail at Beetham Nurseries

February Half Term Nestbox Trail at Beetham Nurseries

As February half-term approaches, families and nature enthusiasts are in for a treat at Beetham Nurseries. This year, in celebration of National Nextbox Week, we are hosting an educational event – the February Half-Term Nestbox Trail. Set against the backdrop of the plants, trees and shrubs at Beetham Nurseries, this event promises a nature-filled experience.


Discovering the Nestbox Trail

The Nestbox Trail at Beetham Nurseriess allows you to connect with nature and learn about the fascinating world of birds. The trail takes participants on a journey through the beautiful surroundings of the garden centre, where activity stations and nestboxes offer glimpses into the lives of our feathered friends.

Educational and Interactive

One of the highlights of the Nestbox Trail is its educational aspect. Each nestbox provides information about the species of birds that may inhabit it, their nesting habits, and interesting facts about their lives. This makes the trail an interactive learning experience for both children and adults, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation for local birdlife.

Engaging Activities

To enhance the overall experience, Beetham Nurseries has incorporated engaging activities along the Nestbox Trail. From birdwatching challenges to fun quizzes, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Connecting with Nature

The February Half-Term Nestbox Trail provides a welcome escape into the natural world to instil a love for nature in children and nurture a sense of environmental responsibility.


Practical Information

The event runs from 9am throughout the February half-term (Saturday 10th – Sunday 18th February), so you choose a day that suits you. Trail sheets are available at Beetham Nurseries’ Information Desk.

Find the full details of what to expect on our February Half-Term Nestbox Trail Event page.


February Half Term Nestbox Trail Details


Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik


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