6X Natural Poultry Fertiliser

6X Natural Poultry Fertiliser

6X natural fertiliser and pelleted poultry manure will bring your garden to life and allow you to grow your garden as nature intended.

Product Information

6X 100% Natural Fertiliser 15Kg Sack £9.99

This natural fertiliser is perfect for everything that grows in your garden - including the lawn. It's a traditional chicken manure fertiliser but concentrated so that one sack is equivalent to six sacks of farm manure. Use handfuls not wheel-barrows full.

Soil Condition
The condition of your soil is a key factor in achieving spectacular results. 6X contains all the nutrients and trace elements that plants require - plus the fibrous, organic, content needed to 'condition' the soil.

If your soil is heavy, 6X will open it up to avoid waterlogging - if your soil is light 6X will hold the moisture and add bulk to stabilise it. So it promotes healthy growth and good root development, proper drainage and the activity of earthworms. Each 15Kg sack will treat up to a bumper 184sq metres.

6X Easy Spread Pellets 8Kg Bucket £7.99

All the advantages of 6X fertiliser except prepared in a modern pellet based format that makes them so easy to spread. They're odourless too making it possible to use them close to the house or patio and in planters in conservatories. Each 8Kg bucket will treat up to 90sq metres.

How to Use
Use on everything that you grow; sprinkle a handful into a pot when planting or sprinkle liberally on the top of soil. Top up with another sprinkle of pellets every 3-4 weeks throughout the growing season. There's no need to dig them in but always water well after application to encourage plants to take up the nourishment through their roots.

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